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12 December 2006

Just for fun

Aw, bummer, the fancy Christmas stocking thing is busted -- must be a hole at the toe!  Please leave your "gifts" in the comments, as it appears to be broken.  Update:  I've replaced it with my own.  ; ) What would you leave in my stocking?


With gracious bow (and luxurious gift given) to everyone's favorite Beadslut.


I tried to put in yarn for stranded mittens but it doesn't seem to go anywhere. :(

I'm tucking in fast hands and a light heart! To get your projects done swiftly and sweetly! And I'll toss in a box of Candina's Chocolates just for you- no sharing allowed!

I tried, too. :-(
Latvian mittens, of course!

If it was hand knit we might not have there problems -- darn machine made stockings -- how about tickets for a two week destination knitting vacation. I think that should fit in there.

I was going to give you hand knit socks! Happy Holidays;-)

I'm trying but it's not taking.

I don't think you really want to know. I leave them for my mom and dad all the time..........

The gift of time to spend as you will.

Mountains of dreamy pattern books and all the time in the world to look at them. And sew up the hole in that toe, pronto, 'cause I want to tuck World Peace in there, and I don't want it to leak out. ;-)

the perfect buttons every time

Lollipop underpants!!

slim jim beef jerky snacks

15 skeins of lavender silk & cotton bulky yarn. Oh yeah, and some size 9 "fancy-wood" knitting needles.

Whirled peas. (My motto: think BIG!)

For the stocking: A gift certificate for your LYS. A big one. With 2 skeins of Sea Silk.

Peppermint bark (candy) and a gift certificate for a HUG the next time we see each other.

Oooo! Lovely stocking! Assuming I didn't steal it, I would leave a lovely hand-carved crochet hook. (Even if you don't crochet, they still come in useful in knitting.)

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