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30 November 2006

Stick a fork in it...

Dsc09150It wasn't 'til late -- in fact, I believe the actual lightning strike occurred as I was arranging the silverware in the caddy while preparing the dishwasher for its maiden voyage.  "Hmmm," I thought, "a fork. What about a real fork? Fork. Meat. Done. Meathead. Done. Fork."  I remembered the sterling fork that Maddy recently wrapped 'round her wrist as a bracelet, and the lonely little fish fork (or whatever) in the drawer...

This really couldn't have turned out any other way, could it?  Stick a fork in it, baby... IT'S DONE!

Dsc09154 Dsc09155 Dsc09151

Not only did I borrow her fork bracelet, she was a good sport and modeled it on the hat, too.  She doesn't look too pained, does she?  Maybe a little...  Sterling for dressy, a mix of silver and wood for everyday.  Ya think?



Meathead? Shouldn't that be Cheesehead for you? And perhaps a pate knife!

Ouch. And why do they call it a meathead?

Now that's a well done Meathead! How'd the new machine do? And congrats on completing Nov post a day!

What functionality. Eating utensils and weaponry all on a hat. Looks cool!

Vicki, you slay me!

Absolute genius!

Cute! I don't think I have ever seen anything like that- very innovative :)

You goof! It's perfect.

so clever!

you are a nut! very cute!

perfect! LOL!

Perfect! I do like the Cheesehead comment, though! ;-)

What they all said. Love it!

Its fabulous, well done, have a great weekend.

Now THAT is a funny and artistic statement!

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