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01 November 2006

Labor Day Project is Complete!


a.k.a. The Pergola Project.  Most of the progress can be had here.  I can't wait to plant stuff in the planters next spring.  In the meantime, there will be lights and decorations.

Dsc08873Chances are, if I owe you a package, it's heading to the P.O. as we speak.  There are two to go -- one awaiting an address, one the knitting of a sleeve -- and then I think my obligations will all be met, for the moment, at least, and it feels good.


looks nice
but the link doesnt go anywhere ;o

Wow, those benches look BEAUTIFUL!

It's wonderful, Vicki. It must feel wonderful to have it finished. I can see those planters filled with greens and berries for the winter.

That's going to be a great place to sit, knit and enjoy the day.

oh i love it! and honestly, i think the pic in fall lighting is really pretty.

as for the spring, i don't think i could wait that long. i'd be tempted to wrap it in white lights and put some holly branches in the planters for the winter ;)

It looks gorgeous -- I'll be over in the Spring with a plant and my knitting :-)

That, is amazing!

Wow it looks great!!!

Oh, I can just picture it-wheels, spinners, knitters, plants, drinks, laughter, conversation. When is the party?

Gorgeous! Great pergola!

Wowie Zowie! That looks fabulous.

Looks fab - such a peaceful spot.

Beautiful! I'm green with envy.

That looks so inviting. What are you going to grow over the pergola?

It's amazing!

I can't help but add a me too comment. I love it -- I need one of those. When are you having us over for a little outdoor knitting. Ehat are you going to plant -- I picture clamati on the trellis' but that may be a mid atlantic thing.

Very beautiful, Vicki. You are going to enjoy it so much, I'm sure.

Vicki, it looks AMAZING!

Oh I can so invision knitting and a tea on a summer morning there.....love it!!

Isn't it nice when all the ends are tied up and nothing obligatory is on the horizon? Stay free and enjoy the rest of the year!

It is fabulous, what a great knitting spot. You can have fun all winter planning your spring planting.

That is gorgeous! Perfect knitting spot!

Man, that thing came out fabulous! What a cool place to hang out. You might need one of those patio firepits for the winter, but you could definitely use that thing all year long - least, I would. I want one.

It looks fabulous! I can't wait to see it filled with plants & a skein or two of yarn.

ohhh what a beautiful project! Well done!

You guys are kicking butt out there! First the mobius and now the pergola! Both are beautiful and worth the hard work. Congrats.

That's lovely! I imagine it'll be a wonderful place to hang out in warm(er) weather.

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