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18 October 2006

Hip to be square

In accordance with the Rules and Regulations of Rhinebeck Bingo, and also because it's fair, I hereby present my mug.

B1 B2 *

Be forewarned, I could also look like any of these:

B4 B5 B3 B6

Dsc08527It just depends.  Also, I may or may not have my hair down on one or both days -- and all of a sudden, I need a haircut again.  And yes, I am proud to be square all weekend long.

I hope to wear this sweater on one of the days, but, again, it just depends; maybe a shawl.

Know this:  If and when you find me, I'll surely be having fun.

*The "mug shots" were all taken last month at the Harlot event in Eau Claire.  They were all taken by my sister, save the very best one (top right) which I have shamelessly stolen from Chris.  I know that she knows that a very good picture is a terrible thing to waste.   ; )

I'm super-de-duper excited to announce that my daughter Katie will be doing a little guest blogging in my absence.  I hope she tells you a little about her knitting, the button necklace she made (pictured here not too very long ago), perhaps a little about her semester in London.  We'll just have to see!  ; )


Great photos of you, Vicki! Can't wait for the real thing!

Oh look how pretty! Get a picture with Flat Scout okay? :)

Have a safe trip! Look forward to meeting you soon!!

we're into the final hours countdown!

Have a great time! And you are more than welcome to use that picture - if you want the original, unedited (higher resolution) picture, let me know. :)

Great pictures, Vicki. Have fun (which I'm sure you will) at Rhinebeck and try to behave yourself !!! ;)

Have fun and I am looking forward to hearing what Katie has been knitting/making.

Great mug! Wish I was getting to meet it. Y'all have fun now. We'll be thinkin' about 'cha.

Hey, I recognize that hand on your right shoulder!! What a cool ring she has on, is that a knitted ring?? Oh my gosh!!! Carole got her ring in time for Rhinebeck, Whew!!!! Sally Melville ordered one also! Another sister for the 'hood. Have fun, I am jealous!

Ooooh, you will be easy to find! I'll be looking for you.

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