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18 August 2006


Dsc08316_1I'm in love, love, love!  It's the crappiest picture ever taken of a sock-in-progress -- it's almost grotesque -- and yet, you can see how the braid pops and isn't it a lovely sock?  ; )  I got in some good knitting time last night, some of it even out-of-doors and in public, and I'm past the point at which I decided to rip.  There is no more than an inch to go before work on the cuff is finished.

Oh, the weekend...  I need to work on Fib.  I have two Road to Indigo vests that were taking a break, but now I'm ready to have at them again.  There's this beautiful sock.  And a moebiusDarn it, RachaelDarn it, Ann!!  Darn it, magical, mysterious Cat Bordhi!!!

* * * * *

Dsc08285I was so tickled by the art on the bathroom wall in the ladies' room at the coffee shop where we had lunch on Wednesday that I took a picture.  If it was Alan Alda in Clint Eastwood's spot, this would very nearly replicate the pin-ups on my filing cabinet at work 25 years ago or so.  Clint's okay, he can stay; I guess it just means that I like my men just a little less... hm... rugged.  Yeah.

* * * * *

Go say, "HEY," to Amy Lu and wish her a Happy Blogiversary!  She gave herself a brand new Typepad account to celebrate, so update your links and rolls!

The roasted cherry tomatoes turned out wonderfully!  Roasted Tomato Sauce will be the next recipe I try.  Thanks, V.!


The socks are absolutely fabulous! You are the cable queen!

Oooh - it would be hard to take a grotesque picture of such a beautiful sock.


Please mention to all your friends, Yellowdog has a RSVP for the Harlot. Trying to get a firm handle on how many people to expect!

Ah, Miss Vicki, I am so envious of the incredible talent that flows from your brain through your hands. I adore cables and yet creating anything more than a simple one eludes me still (although I keep trying and will one day prevail.) You are the highest inspiration!


love the color on the bathroom wall.

ps. I would have pegged you as someone who likes a rugged exterior.

The socks looks fab -- I have that pattern too -- bought it last summer. Hmmm. . . . .

That's just like bulldigger Ann to skip over the pinups and go straight to wall color. ;-)

The sock looks very nice indeed! Glad you're loving it so much.

And Alan Alda? My god girl! Might as well put Phil Donahue up there!

The sock is beautiful. I like the pic you took - the shadowing shows off the cables well.

Vicki, I read your blog every single day - it's one of the handful I never miss. Yet I never pop in to tell you so. Bad reader, bad!

Lovely socks!

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