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10 May 2006

Read all about it


Newspaper snippet generator (and other cool stuff -- I might have to use that cigarette pack in the future), part of this morning's edition with Mason-Dixon Knitting, Be*mused, and PurlingSwine.  FYI:  There is a limit -- apparently I was full of news this morning (or at least embellishment) and I had to cut my story in order to get it all to fit!  ; )


love that tool - you just might see it pop up again soon

That newspaper tool is popping up all over this morning. When we all like something, we definitely ALL like something!

Hmmm, nice menu, hope you have a lovely day and fit in some knitting and relaxing.

DUDE! I am so IN on that newspaper thingamajig.

PS - Take my quiz - Ann thinks you're her only competition. (She actually got 10 points LESS than it says!) I might have made it too hard.

Yummy - what time should we be there?????

love your article girlfriend! btw. did you see Margene got 100 on Cara's quiz - that's better than Georgie even. kinda creepy if you ask me. Do you think Cara gave her the answers?

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