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27 April 2006

I is for...

Dsc07068 Dsc07071

Individual (x3).  I knew I wanted "individual" and I knew that I meant it in terms of my girls.  We were brainstorming and laughing about how they used to love "being" letters of the alphabet when they were little...  I'd call out a letter (or a number) and they would bend and shape their bodies into that shape, or a close approximation.  On the left is a capital "I" made of three individuals, and three individual capital "I"s on the right.

Dsc07074 Dsc07077

Some lower-case "I"s, and three goofy girls.


I is also for Island, as in your husband's, but that can be filed under Individual pretty neatly too.

I love your I! I am so behind on this damn thing.

I love it! Great photos of your girls - together again, at last!

Great I! You must be so happy to have them all home!!!!

Awesome! "I" nominate you for the "I" prize!

Goofy girls...I say groovy girls!

I love your I and those great girls. How lucky you are (and so are they;) ).

Vicki - your girls are gorgeous! Yeah for individuality!!!!!

Vicki, Your house must be rocking!!!! I'm sure you are in heaven with all your girls home at one time. How special!!!! Enjoy your time with them.

What cute pics of your girls!

Your girls look like a fun loving trio. I have hit a brick wall with "I". But what the hey, I'm so far behind in my abc's I may never reach "I" anyway.

That is just too cute! Haha!

I love that they'll do crazy stuff like this for you to post on the internet!

A fabulous chorus of Individual Grrls!!

Hehe, that is too cute! Great "I" post!

"I" love it! Very creative!

Nice "i"ndividuality there. I did notice that they all have some variation of blue on(maybe black thrown in). Nice.

I love your "I"s!

Those are probably the best "I" pictures I've seen!

Oh, I like your "I"! Those girls seem like they're having such a good time!

I totally love your "I" pictures. Looks like fun was had by all!

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