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30 March 2006


This is a test of the Ann Skimmer Alert System, as invented and quite successfuly employed by Nancy!

Ann read this!!!

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!  Testing concluded.  In an actual skimmer emergency, the scrolling marquee will be followed by very important information that Ann should not miss should not be missed by ann anyone!

OMG, I love this.


I am so glad that you could make good use of the Skimmer Alert system. God know we need it for some people!

That is absolutely priceless! Can't wait to see Ann's reaction. Hee hee hee.

Who's this Ann you're talking about? Do I know her?

What fun!

Is it wrong to laugh really hard about that? You know we all love you Ann! :)

I need that on all my post! LOL

oh, aren't you all so f-ing funny?!


ROFL! Thanks for a great laugh!

Oh, that is SO clever!!!

OK. I so want to know how to do this, too.

So great! I'm a bit of a skimmer myself. All blogs should use this to alert me to things I should not miss. I really do miss a lot.

That is just too funny! I should have had that when the "knitting prick" post came up!

Too funny!
Thanks for your sweet comments about the sweater! I wore it all day today and I love it even more!
I did do my zipper the same way - I don't know why it's wonky. I'll try it again this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

That could be a handy little trick! Filing that idea, I am.
But the webpage with all the examples? I'm cross-eyed!

That is soooo funny!

hehehehe. genius.

LOL! This is so funny! Is the Skimmer Alert still working, or did it only work that one time on Nancy's blog? Do we all need to use it? :-)

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