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18 February 2006

Getting over it

Dsc06580My sister, Twin-K, and her two sons arrived on my doorstep last night and, as she's wont to do, she had gifts in-hand!  She had a holiday tin full of sewing stuff for me with this Bizarro cartoon affixed to the lid.  Yesterday marked her 11-month quit anniversary, and today is mine.  My Quitnet email arrived, right on schedule, this morning:  6745+ cigarettes not smoked in those 11 months, and quickly closing in on $1200 "saved."

Dsc06581One interesting item in the tin is this UCO Automatic Needle Threader made in Germany, complete with instructions -- and my sister is trying to thread a needle with it as we speak!  It will thread both sewing needles and larger ones, like darners.  It's adorable.

Dsc06578Schedules are made to be amended, are they not?  I finished the second sleeve yesterday and they're both blocking now.  Karen brought her quilting, so I knocked off half the right front while she worked on one of her sampler blocks.  Woo.  I'm getting so excited about this -- it's also my symbolic, celebratory quit sweater -- and can feel the momentum building.  I do still feel the "heartbreak, pain & lost love" from having to end my relationship with Salem, but I know it was for the best.  ; )


Congrats on your 11 month Quitiversary!

Those needle threaders are cool! I had a single one long time ago.

Congratulations! As I'm sure you're well aware, it's harder to quit tobacco than to quit cr*ck.

Congrats! Think of all that yarn you can buy with $1200! :)

Congratulations on quitting! May your knitting smell better and your health benefit!

wow ---- after reading Theresa's comment all I can say is, 'I didn't know you quit the crack too!' :)

Congrats on your quitaversary! I quit smoking in December 1999 - it does get easier...eventually ;o) Now I only crave a cig when I'm totally and completely plastered *grin*

See, now you and Ann can start smoking the pipe and have nothing to worry about! You know why? BECAUSE YOU'RE A QUITTER!!!! YAY!!! Hmmm. Another trip East with all that moolah? Congratulations!

That's one relationship you'll do better to do without. Congats on the passage of time.

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