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07 January 2006


Dsc06297Today I attended my first Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Workshop.  I think I'm going to like it.  I think I'm going to like it a lot.  I used to be flexible -- a few years of dance and an affinity for gymnastics (I used to do walk-overs, back-bends, flips, you name it) -- and it was nice to discover that I can still bend and stretch and reach for the sky.  Man, I need some better clothes, though; they felt like a second skin after two hours!

A herd of giraffes from Long Island landed on my kitchen table a few days ago.  One of them has run off already, with a hasty note to Mack scribbled inside, making a date with him for this summer to see the newly-installed giraffes at my nearest zoo.  (Thanks for thinking of me, Ann, they're the cutest cards!)

Tomorrow, International Pajama Day!  I'll take down the tree a little, organize my knitting magazines a little, knit a little (maybe even start something new), and relax a LOT!

*My nephew has a one-track mind with the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Love that IPD site - her photos are a riot! I'll probably have to get dressed today. I think we're going antique-ing or something.

leave it to you to take the picture in front of what looks like a fabulous ironstone spoon holder ...... glad you like them!

Enjoy International PJ Day...be warm and cozy and surround yourself in lovely knitty things...hehe!

I have been doing power yoga for 6 years now and just love it. The right clothes do make a difference, though. Enjoy yourself. ( Too bad about Target. I find most stores don't care how many items you bring in these days. Or maybe it's just the sales clerks who don't care!

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