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26 January 2006


Why a little bloggy break?

I found "Escape"!  You think blogging is a time-suck?  (Let me know how you score...)

I'll be back on Monday.


Darn you!!

I'm scared to check.

12.48 seconds! I want to email the link to my hubby, but I don't want him to start playing at work, it's too addictive!

Oh thanks a lot. 15.375 seconds. But I know I can do better if I just play for a few more hours.

11.532. Very very bad. Now, go have a great weekend!

ack! Once I figured out that the other squares move predictably, I figured I could just keep watching the pattern.

But I stopped when I hit 17.248 seconds.

holy crap - that is a bit addicting.....

8 plus seconds. It hurts my eyes!!

Hey, Vick, go over to my blog and take a look at my baby niece adorned in the layette. You helped me figure out that Debbie Bliss pattern and I really appreciate it. The effort was worth it. Isn't she precious? Thanks again for your help. Chelle

OMG! That's evil! My best was twelve point something over fifty. I only did it about 20 times. I found myself getting tenser and tenser...Definately not a before bedtime game. I hope my insomniac husband never finds out about this. :)


now my neck hurts.

and I bit my tongue. LOL!

Vacation=over. Thanks a bunch.

It is addicting...hehe!

Have a great week-end, I guess I know what I'll be doing!

Aaaaaaarrrgh 20.28

You're evil. 10.36 after a few tries. But that's it. I'm not going back to play anymore. Really. I'm not.

Okay, I'm missing you. Where are you. Turn off the game and come back. Chelle

Oh, why did you have to show me this link? At least I can make over 15 seconds now.

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