Monday: Movies and Mittens

Yarn to spare

Dsc05933Dsc05931That's about four yards of yarn left over -- and one relieved knitter.  It probably wouldn't be hard to find, but I don't want to go hunting right now; the shop I bought it from has gone out of business.  I could barely even look while I was finishing -- I just kept pulling yarn out of my bag, praying that I wouldn't come up short. I'll post pattern details and FO pic in the photo album.  The recipient doesn't want them 'til Christmas!

Dsc05926_3I filled in at the antique mall for a few hours on Saturday afternoon -- and I brought my camera.  I think of my blog buddies and their collections...

This solitary souvenir shaker reminded me of Christine -- she's decorating the camper she restored with souvenir plates.  This isn't a plate, but isn't it cute?  If it's from a salt & pepper set, do you suppose its partner was also Wisconsin, or could it have been Michigan or Minnesota?  One could even imagine it as part of a very large spice set... couldn't one?

Dsc05925_1My friend Ann is a collector also.  There is many an adorable, collectible pig, and then there are atrocities such as this.  The only thing remotely attractive about this pig is that it's a bank -- a big bank -- and once filled, would yield a small fortune upon the celebratory and anxiously awaited smashing.  This could be an impetus to saving -- that's what the country needs, hideous piggy banks (forget a high rate of return) -- the theory being that one would have to keep the pig (let's say prominently displayed in the living room) 'til filled and that one would save at an accelerated rate in order to be rid of the ugly pig!

Dsc05927Then there's just adorable cuteness that someone ought to collect.  DH likes ice cream -- vanilla, thankyouverymuch.  This might find its way under the tree or in his stocking -- maybe with a gift card for ice cream.  Hmm?  Isn't it cute?

I worked some on Shirley Shrugs -- maybe a half-dozen rows.  I can't work much more than that in a sitting or my wrists start letting me know, so I'm just going to have to be consistent and work a little every night.



Congratulations on your winning picture at Mason-Dixon Knitting! I love the chicken hat and the sweater you are wearing in the picture is great.


Glad the mittens worked out in terms of yarn shortage concerns! They look great, and yes, now I've ordered that darned pattern myself - thank you very much for the idea of yet another project. Ha! Chelle


Oh I love that Wisconsin shaker. It is too cute.

p.s. We won't talk about the game. :(


See now, you were smart and just knit blindly instead of weighing the yarn every five seconds like some people I know.

Glad you had enough and it all worked out. Check one off the list.

Football? What's that?


So glad the yarn held out for the mittens!


Wow what a relief!


I kind of like that pig's constipated expression. It's not easy having a belly full of coins and he's working hard!

kathy b

Ohh thank you for the darling antique show. Keep it up, okay? Altho I am partial to the knitting escapades. :)

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