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Socks and spoons and a happy birthday weekend

UPDATE:  Both pics are clickable now, Ann (you don't have to press your nose against the screen now).  As long as I'm here, I may as well say something.  Ahem.  First, your birthday wishes are most welcome and so fun to read!  Thank you.  My appetite for cake has been growing all day!  Second, the florist tried unsuccessfully to deliver something here today; he'll be successful in the morning.  Woohoo, flowers (or something)!  Third, the eldest heard from an all-girls' camp in Maine that's interested in her as their "arts and crafts counselor" this summer.  Too cool.  She'd even have time to knock off a few credits, as she'd planned, between time in London and time in Maine.  As long as there's some measure of good news to balance out the not-so-good, we're all good, no?

Dsc05888Well, this is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!  DH said something extremely complimentary this morning, like, "It looks like a real sock!"  Well, yes, it's Mim's wonderful pattern for a full-featured baby sock!  It's adorable and I'm thrilled that M*c and I will have matching socks!  I'm anxious to start the second.  I may even have enough yarn for another pair, but I was also thinking of thumb-less mitts or little baby wristers or just saving it for a special heel or toe or maybe something else altogether.  Um, yeah, it's early and the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.


Norma was showing off her lovely, vintage, Mallow china the other day.  I've had some pieces of that -- and the flower is one of my favorites in the garden!  I love stuff like that!  I have many spoons and other utensils, and even some serving pieces, in this old William Rogers silverplate pattern -- one of many grape designs -- called "Vintage."  It is prized, collectible, and can be expensive.  I couldn't quite bring myself to paying $150 for an olive fork a few years ago, but oh, I sure did love it!  By limiting myself to souvenir Vintage spoons over the past few years (and not really needing any more everyday teapoons, anyway), I've been able to keep the lid on this collection -- I've only ever found two!

It's a birthday weekend.  I'll be another year older on the other side.  Well, I'll really only be that many more days older, but the digits... ah, the digits on the ol' birthday odometer, they will turn.  I think there might be cake.  Screw Weight Watchers.



Happy Happy Birthday, Vicki!

Love the china and silver! I have more old china than any one girl should have. Honestly, I'm wayyyy too attached to my dishes. It's a sickness! Hee!
I have a set of vintage Rogers silver in a different pattern than yours. It's so much fun hunting for additional pieces. A good excuse to haunt the thrift and antique stores!
I also have a few souviner spoons but have gone on to tacky souviner plates to decorate the inside of my vintage travel trailer with. I need another "collection" like I need a hole in the head, but what can you do?

I've seen that baby sock all over the net and I think I definitely NEED to make some. Sooooo cute!

P.S. Please send me your addy, I have something for you! :)


Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for the link to the baby sock pattern!


Happy Birthday to you! The socks are so cute. Have yourself a good weekend and remember age is just a set of numbers. It's what's in the soul that counts.


Happy Birthday. Mmm, cake!


Happy Birthday! And the wee sock looks GREAT! Glad you liked the sock pattern. Those litle ones are addictive. :)


Screw weight watchers, indeed! Have a big slice of cake, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, m'dear!

I think the pattern on that lid you have there is actually "Amy," not Mallow. I love Amy pieces, too!


Oh Grrlfriend! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it to the fullest and since I've been on the other side for some time I can tell you, it ain't bad here;-)


Happy Birthday Vicki!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Happy, happy birthday to you! And you better eat some cake, silly woman...life is too short!


Happy Birthday, dearie! Many, many wishes for lotsa cake and lotsa yarn gifts!


:::sings loudly and probably offkey::: Happy Birthday Miss Vicki! Happy Birthday Tooooo Yewwwww!



happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Vicki
happy birthday to you!

ps. don't I have a lovely singing voice?


I gotta follow up Ann. Ugh.

Happy, Happy, Happy! I hope your birthday is TOTALLY LAPIERRE! Ask Ann. ;-)

I'll be thinking about you - LOVE YOU TONS!
L, C


Happy Happy Birthday!! Enjoy that cake!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!

Hey,  I found your blog in the knitting blog world and have added it, to my blogline,  and my affiliates page. You don't have to add my link, back or anything,  just thought you'd like to know! :), 

You're listed on my site here,  by the way!, http://adverse-ariel.com/affili8/



Have a wonderful birthday weekend, Vicki! (And have an extra piece of cake for me!)

lynne s of oz

Hey, happy birthday! I am still working on your little something for quitting smoking, and I've got a nasty feeling you'll get it after a year of being off the smokes. It was my birthday on Thursday. I'm jealous - you have lots of happy birthday wishes. I got two!

Mary in Boston

Hey Vicki!!! Have a wonderful birthday weekend! Hope it's full of cake and flowers!

Love the old china. For a long time I collected Red Wing dinnerware and pottery. I always had such fun on the "hunt" for a special piece.

I think I will have to try the baby sock...maybe it will lead to bigger ones! Mac sure is lucky to have a knitting auntie.


Happy Happy Birthday Vicki!!



(hee...seriously, Have a great day today!)


Best wishes! I hope your birthday weekend was full of fun and fiber!


Screw WW absolutely!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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