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Blueangel_1We'll continue to button up the house today -- a little weatherstripping here, some caulking there -- we've had some wonderful weather the past few days.  The photo is one of the Blue Angel "hostages" in front of the house -- the pic is from last year, but they look exactly the same this year at this stage of the game.  I'll be doing a little garden clean-up today, too!

There's been a lot going on around here.  I haven't been very good about responding to emails and comments of late -- and I think, since the Typepad "upgrade," that I'm not even notified by email of some comments.  Sorry 'bout that.

In a nutshell, we did not agree to co-sign the loan that Ai called me at work to tell me about yesterday so she could get a different car and, after a fashion, she was fine with the reasons why and the options presented to her.  She will get a different car eventually and we will likely co-sign, but not this one and not at this time.  She is stubborn and bull-headed and strong-willed and every other descriptive term in that vein that you can think of, and I was worried that it would go badly.  But I think I shared some wisdom; I think I got through to her; hey, maybe you can talk some sense into kids!  The reality is that a rock could get a loan these days if it could find someone to co-sign... and it's just too damn early to be traveling down that road to The Man.

Being somewhat distraught and preoccupied last night, I worked on nothing more challenging than the baby sock and only got past the gusset at that.  I need to get that shrug started!

Did anyone check out the AntiCraft link yesterday?  What do you all think?

I'm sure you all have seen it, but before October is completely forgotten, I just have to point out another stupendous costume achievement.  Aison has completely outdone herself (and everyone else) with those cute halloween things.  She's got more creativity in her little toe than I'll ever hope to have!  Bravo.


Mary in Boston

(((Vicki))) Hugs for you for dealing with tough issues with the kids.
Same stuff going on here. But it's important and worthwhile to share our expertise. Even when it's hard.

We too are experiencing glorious weather. Wish it had been here for your visit.

Enjoy the fall day!


I did check out the Anticraft. It's kinda cool. Very funky and mostly (probably) too young for me. But I do knit for the young and hip so I've bookmarked the site. Thanks, Vicki!


Hey Vicki - I checked out the Anticraft too - interesting. What is the deal with skulls these days? Check out this link :
and scroll down to the Skull Lace Shrug. And of course the Knitty skull scarf. Very Hamletesque! I have never been hip and don't kid myself by aspiring to hipness, but I find hip to be interesting in an academic kind of way. I guess Goth is in, or was it ever out?

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