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Dsc05917I rarely have a bad night's sleep, but last night was one.  I was flippin' from one side to the other, then back again; feeling hot then cold, I'd stick a leg out from under the covers, tuck it back in and pull the covers up to my ears; get up, get back in bed, turn on the light and read (nearing the end of Yellow Jack!), turn it off -- I even asked DH if we could switch sides of the bed at about 4:30 this morning.  No, that didn't help, either.  I finally dozed off and barely heard the girls getting ready for school.

Dsc05916Today, it's the normal day-off stuff -- bills, banking, laundry -- then off to lunch with Mom and shopping to help her choose a digital camera for Mack's mom and dad for Christmas/birthday.  They really like mine, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S85, and I'm leaning toward a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 for them.  Speaking of cameras, the other two photos I'd intended to post yesterday.  (Service doesn't seem much improved today, either.  Just sayin'.)

Did you see Katie's comment yesterday?  It's just music to a mother's ears when her daughter says things like, "I love that yarn!" and talks about knitting withdrawal (though I hate to see my baby suffer!).  The hard drive on her computer failed about a month ago, so she's been using campus computers and I don't hear from her via email as often.  Anyway, she's been knitting up a storm -- two pairs of Bonne Marie's Voodoo Wristwarmers, two scarves using some Adrienne Vittadini "Dani" that she reclaimed from a vest I'd knit a few years ago.  (The scarves are a much better use for it, believe me, as the vest made me look a lot like the Michelin man.)  She's also knitting the ear-flap hat that Maddy requested -- called me at work on Monday morning to find out what "m1" meant.  I know she's "made one" before -- she made thrummed mittens last year for her friend -- but she didn't remember.

Things are looking up for her, though, after a rough patch with the the computer failure and her car window being smashed, she just learned last week that she will receive a nice grant for the London trip and she has a job lined up for next summer -- she'll be an arts & crafts counselor at a girls' camp in Maine!  She's very, very excited.  I'm so happy for her!

Ack, give me paws, indeed.  I'm going to have to rip and start over.  Totally my fault -- I didn't really swatch and I'd been just plain ignoring the little voice in my head that said, when I tried them on, that "fitting like a glove" did not exactly mesh with Ali's reminder that "I like them roomy."  I got as far as making the tourniquet for the index finger before coming to my senses.  Mitten Monday is a few days off, though, so I ought to have something to show by then!

Lastly, my Better Pal has not yet revealed herself to me, but I hope to learn who it is in the next few days.  I'm on pins and needles!!  I'm still salivating over that gorgeous baby alpaca she sent in her last package -- I want to start something!  Now!!  I want to savor working it, though, so will wait 'til I feel like I have the holiday knitting under control.  Meanwhile, I had the great pleasure of spoiling Anne and had a lot of fun doing it.  I was also, of course, among the villagers that Margene assembled to torture Ann -- what a blast!  That was an added and unexpected bonus that heightened my enjoyment of the whole thing.  (And look at that, I'm linking to Ann right on schedule!)



villagers indeed!

I had a shitty night's sleep too ----- never thought about the switching sides thing. Hope you have a lovely luch with Mom - sweet talk her out of one of those wheels, will ya?


Weird night myself. Went to bed hoping I'd dream about Bruce but instead had a dream I was on a date with Harvey Keitel. Ewww. And then another dream that I was a pregnant. I'm not.

Good think you linked to Ann - I didn't. She's probably going to yell at me now.

Have a great day off and way to go Katie!


Ooh, thanks for the reminder to link to Ann. I'm up tomorrow.


I think I've linked to her enough for the rest of the year;-)
Good for Katie! Great stuff happening for her and it is wonderful that she misses knitting!


I told Ann I'm not for free. Show me the MONEY, BABY!

I haven't heard from my Better Pal yet, either. I'm hoping to soon, though.


I have the Sony DSC-W5 and I love it. It takes great pictures and is very easy to use.

Mary in Boston

Sorry you had a tough night. When I have that problem I take some "Calms" by Hyland. Works every time. They're totally herbal, with stuff like passionflower, etc. But still, I sleep really well after that. And wake up feeling fine.

Love the tweedy mits. They're gorgeous.

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