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Bmank In sh*pping news, I went to the P.O. yesterday and mailed off a bunch of baby stuff and the last of the better secret pal stuff and all the other stuff clogging the mail pipes.  I had so much stuff that I took a shopping bag with me to carry it all!  'Tis one of those never-ending things, though...  I just promised to mail something to Wendy.  Go put yourself on the map!

In sh*pping news, I'm not liking the avalanche of Christmas already -- even in the grocery store!  I'm going to want to hang myself right along with the mistletoe by the time it's time to put it up!  I think I could take the merchandise if it wasn't already accompanied by music.  At this rate, I'll be more than ready to roast some chestnuts on an open fire, too!

Hm.  Maybe I'm just a little Bah Humbuggish today.  I have been thinking Christmas, of course, because I make things; doing my best not to get caught up in the retail frenzy that's being created.  In my own, calm, holiday bubble, I finally cast on for the shrug yesterday -- 104 stitches, Mission Falls cotton in sage green (as chosen from my stash by the giftee), I'm about half-way through the first of 14 repeats and ought to pick up steam over the next few days.  I also wound up some Cascade Pastaza for the cabled sock pattern in "Handknit Holidays."  I've got Rowan Cork for the women's version, too.  My guess is that these would be pretty quick knits on size 5 and 6 needles and they're in the Christmas queue.  I wound up all my Rowan Four Ply with Sandy's Warm Hands in mind.  I'm going to need a small project, and mittens will be perfect!

I ran across this picture of Katie and Batman the other day.  She was in about third grade, I think, and I drove her at least 30 miles so she could meet him.  Isn't she cute with her braids and bobby-sox?  He was pretty awesome, if I may say.  She was so awestruck, I don't think she could even look him in the eye.  I just saw the most recent movie and liked it.  Katie just called yesterday to say that she'd won a grant for the overseas program (yay!) and has had three strong inquiries and one phone interview already for jobs at summer camps.  One in Maine (all girls), one in Connecticut (where they wear uniforms), one in Wisconsin (they take a trip to Canada, too!).  She's pretty stoked about not having to work at Arby's; that's kind of her biggest goal for the summer... time to move on!

Mom-talk.  How worried should I be about Katie going overseas in two months?  She'll be spending the majority of her time in London, but will be going to Paris and Italy and Switzerland, etc., before returning home.  The ghettos of Paris aren't on the itinerary, but I'm still a little uneasy.



Katie'll be fine, Mom. Just fine. You wouldn't be you, though, if you weren't worried.

Is that some guy in a Batman costume or BATMAN - aka Adam West? Pretty cool. I just bought G the new Batman, but we haven't watched it though. We're big Christian Bale fans though.

Oh and why the asteriks? I noticed that yesterday, no?

Mary in Boston

We can worry as moms together, okay? I share your concerns as my daughter is heading out for South Africa in January...yikes! I think she may be deciding to become a vet or something...first sea turtles and now sharks and penguins...

Now we know how our moms felt when we went off on our adventures. Payback is tough sometimes.

(((Vicki))) Hugs from one mom to another.


the real worry is that she will love Europe so much that she won't come home --- I spent a semester there when I was 21 and my parents came over to get me! ;)

ps. our shopping centers put their Christmas lights up before Halloween ---- I think it's terrible.


As her mother it's your right to worry. And that's what you'll do. And we'll all worry right along with you but she'll be fine, in the end. Knitting is a great way to pass the worries, don't ya know.


What a great picture :)It's natural to worry, but I'm sure she will be just fine. I doubt they will go anywhere near any unrest.


You're a mom...it's your job to worry. Knit and you'll get through it.


Vicki dear, worrying never really helps. Both my kids have traveled abroad since they've "grown up" and they've both benefited enormously from living in other cultures. Plus, it never hurts to "have to" visit them in far flung locations. Try not to worry. Katie will be fine.

Bookish Wendy

A pressy for me? Thanks for sending everyone to my map! I love me mappy.

Don't worry too much about dear daughter. You've taught her well - she'll have a blast AND be good.

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