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Monday: Movies and Mittens

Dsc05929One-and-a-half Warm Hands.  I'm a little concerned with the amount of yarn I have left to complete the second flap, but I'm trying to keep optimistic.  I'll either finish tonight or be scrambling to find a yard of gray Donegal Tweed.  If I run short, it is going to be only a few rounds.  The fingers on the second mitt were easier to make and the fit and feel is better.  Pop Up Paws is a great pattern.

Dsc05928I have to get back to working on Shirley Shrugs, but will also cast on for Knit Unto Others -- I think I'm going to use Kate's Gifted pattern.  I've become a Jaywalker, also, and would love to cast on for that soon.

Movies!  Maddy went to see HP on Friday and Saturday nights; Ali went on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon; Katie on Saturday night.  The girls went together, kind of impromptu on Saturday night upon learning that tickets were available -- I love it when they do things together, and it was fun listening to them laughing and making plans.  Ali had purchased advance tickets for the Sunday afternoon showing on the ultra screen, but they got there kind of late and ended up in the second or third row; she said, "Yeah, we were in the movie."

On Sunday afternoon, Katie, DH and I saw Capote.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is outstanding.  Wow.  I remember watching Truman on talk shows; PSH nailed it!  It's just amazing how an actor can "become" his character; and in that vein, I really want to see Walk The Line and Good Night, And Good Luck (oh look, Jeff Daniels has a role!). (P.S.  There was so much smoking in Capote that I could smell it!  I have a feeling it'll be much the same in the other two.)  It's my kind of movie season!



I'm looking forward to seeing both of those movies as well. Of course, in my case I may have to wait for the dvds!

P.S. Go Packers!


G said to me yesterday he wants to see the Harry Potter. We haven't seen any of them - nor have we read the books. I told him if he wants to see it we're going to have to start from the beginning! Glad you all had a fun weekend.

Sorry for the smoking in the flicks - although it sounds like you enjoy it! ;-)


I know I'm not SUPPOSED to feel this way, but I LOVE smoking in movies. I get really pissed about those public service commercials saying that Hollywood is trying to teach young people to smoke, blah blah blah. Balderdash!

Love those flap mittens!


Why is it we go for months with nothing decent to see at the movies and then, all at once, we have Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice and Capote and Walk the Line? Hmmmm? Is it some sort of Hollywood conspiracy? Oh, wait. Of course it is.


Vicki - didn't you just love the Capote movie? I want to see Walk the Line too. I'm a Johnny Cash fan.

Want to order those darned mittens too. You turn me to too many projects. It's all your fault. yeah, right! YOu and Norma and Margene are evil that way. Chelle


I'm dying to start my JW's too but I must keep up the charity knitting until the 30th. I'll be a better person for it;-)


I wonder if I could use my Noro SG to make a pair of Pop Up Paws to match the Clapotis I'm making? Do you think SG would be too thick or would it work okay? Chelle

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