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Dsc05910Last night, I started a Latvian mitten gauge swatch using five needles, four colors and having a beautiful scalloped edge that began with a two-color cast-on.  By the beginning of the fourth row, I was down a Brittany needle; by the end of the fifth, I was down two.  *SNAP*

Dsc05911I'm setting up my photo shoots this morning while DH is making coffee and he asks, "Are those knitting needles?"  His tone of voice is the incredulous "I'm prepared to be amazed," "nothing would surprise me" one.

I couldn't find any other US 1 wood needles in my collection, so started to pinch-hit with some aluminum Phildars, which, I discovered this morning, are actually US 0.  This does not bode well for the Latvian swatch today, but it does make a trip to the LYS seem likely.

Added (is it saying that I'm "nice," Holly?) -- found at Cara's and Emma's!

Your Birthdate: November 6
You tend to be the rock in relationships - people depend on you.
Thoughtful and caring, you often put others' needs first.
You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.
An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.

Your strength: Your intuition

Your weakness: You put yourself last

Your power color: Rose

Your power symbol: Cloud

Your power month: June



Hmmm. The bf and I are both 12/6 and have the same as you. Maybe it goes by date of the month?

Mary Beth

How frustrating! Hope you got some new needles of the indestructable variety.


I believe that it is indicating that you are nice,Vicki, but in a good way. :-)


I say that's you! Very much so. Sorry on the mittens - can you go two circulars for this project? Why not? I say try it.


Ditto...before I finished my toe...Snap.


Vicki - I think it's so funny that we came up with the same name for Cara's knit-along. I'd get "stoned" with you any day, girlie! xox,


P.S. I think Elann often carries Addi DPNs - they're heavy little buggers, but they'll be strong. I have a pair and I consider myself forewarned that I'll need to pull them out for my Latvian mittens!


Hey there! Your package arrived yesterday afternoon. Lovely, just lovely. I can't thank you enough. Simply wonderful gifts, all the way around. You have been a great SP! :)

Kim/Curlie Girl frustrating that the needle snapped, but I bet the Latvian mittens will be worth it in the end!


Ugh! Brittany's are a bitch in anything smaller than a 5! Get yourself some Clover Takumi Bamboo! They flex in your hands unlike metal needles, but I have NEVER had one break and I sometimes knit WAY tight and end up with needles that are no longer straight, but they kind of bend back into shape if you just let them sit for a while. I've been highly impressed by them.


Those snapped needles make a sad photo! I mostly use plastic dpns (Pony makes decent ones), or a brand made out of casein that are very flexible-Ivore. They are bendy enough, but don't break.
Happy belated birthday!

Dixie Grilley Yellow Dog Knitting

Vicki! Freaky Freaky

My son's birthday is 11/06 His name is Ryan which is the same letters as YARN (I thinks there's a word for that???) Also Sonja who works here is also an 11/06 baby. Freakyyyy.


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