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Give me paws

Dsc05918Technology is not being my friend today and that means that I only have one of three pictures to show you -- is it just my account or are others having problems with their yahoo mail today?  Sluggish doesn't even begin to describe h..o...w.....s..l...o......w... it is.  I gave up trying for now.

The knitting, on the other hand, went pretty well last night.  I cast on the Pop Up Paws for Sandy's Warm Hands and zoomed right through to about the mid-thumb area.  These are going quicker than expected, but I guess that's what happens when you're using US 4 and US 6 needles, huh?  Plus, I'm using Tahki Donegal Tweed and maybe I'm a simpleton, but I'm just wildly entertained at how a tweedy yarn knits up.  I can look at it in the hank and it's okay -- gray, some color nubs in pretty colors -- but start knitting it up and watch the reds and oranges and blues go by and become part of the fabric and I just have to keep knitting to see what's going to happen next!

What you see in the background is what I've accomplished so far on Shirley Shrugs.  I intended to knock off a few rows on that, too, but was mesmerized by that mitten.  My wrists thank me, actually, for giving the cotton a break, so it's all good.



I'm loving knitting mittens these days, too. So fast! Instant gratification! And nice for those chilly mornings right now, too!


That tweed is pretty!

My yahoo mail has been very slow lately too.


Everything's been freaking slow today - me included.

The mittens are fun - I love tweedy yarns too. I need to cast on for a pair.


LOVE the Pop up Paws. Made several pair last year for the men in the family and then a pair for my sister this year. Might just need a pair for myself! I, too, am fascinated by tweed.


I love the chicken hat. Your mittens look wonderful. Seeing everyone's mittens is inspiring me to pick up my needles for mittens again. I'm also fascinated by tweed, for some reason, especially when it's my own handspun yarn. :)


I love that yarn. !!! I was having withdrawals today because I just finished tying off those two Christmas gift scarves and the wristwarmers are finished... and I don't have all the needles I need for the hat! I was at a loss! But that will all change this weekend. :)

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