Socks and spoons and a happy birthday weekend

Diversionary tactics

I was drinking martinis that tasted like margaritas, eating sushi (for the first time!), tortilla chips with homemade salsa, sweet potato and plantain appetizers, and homemade New York style birthday cheesecake complete with smoking monkey, and socializing last night instead of knitting.  I was really on the fence about going -- I'm such a home-body these days -- and, as usual, I'm so glad I did!  I wore my Rib & Cable socks and Caryl's Kershawl and I talked about knitting with another party guest -- and the birthday girl is a spinner and fiber artist (weaving, felting) who lives on a farm and raises sheep!  She's a Scorpio, too.  What's not to like?

So in lieu of actual knitting today, let me point you in the direction of The Garter Belt.  I've pointed there before -- the link is always on my sidebar -- but it's been a while and I recently "found" it again.  Check it out, why dontcha?  Those grrs have all been busy.  There are some free patterns to try and, if you like those, some to buy.  I'm eyeing up a few... I like that Plum Shrug!

Tonight:  I'm going to nail down mom's shrug, work on the sock, think more about a mitten pattern for Sandy's Warm Hands Knitalong.



Thanks for the link!


Thanks for all of the great links! Sounds like a great party with yummy food and drinks. I'm a Scorpio too!


Sounds like a swell party - glad you went! I need a good mitten pattern as well - let me know when you find one, k?


thanks for directing me to the garter belt - what a hoot! my mother wore one of those!

yes the plum shrug is yummy-looking!

ps happy birthday !

- karen

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