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Dsc05896I kid you not, this was my horoscope on my birthday:

Your practical logic can be your greatest asset now. You can see the patterns where others only see chaos. It might take time to get anyone to understand you -- or even believe you. Move slowly and spell out every detail, if necessary. Think of yourself as a kindergarten teacher on the first day of school. Lay down the rules with care to build a solid foundation that will support your ideas.

Does that maybe shed some light on the "yammering" part of yesterday's post.  Honestly, I hate that word.  I think I could stomach "harping" better than "yammering" -- if I'm harping, I'm thinking that I'm heard; if I'm yammering, I'm thinking that I'm completely ignored.

Dsc05890This all has to do with Katie's love-child of a car with the bashed in rear window and our dependence on vehicles -- and the thought that someone in our household might not have a vehicle at their immediate disposal for the next two months is difficult.  The fact that it wasn't worth carrying anything more than the minimum required insurance on that car leaves us in a bit of a pickle because it isn't worth even the cheapest "professional" fix.  The amateur hour was full of ideas, though, and they were sending up red flags.  I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that all the flags (lay down the rules) and my "yammering" (it might take time) were backed up by a knowledgeable and trusted source.

Dsc05897On the other hand, as further proof that sometimes you have to be the bad guy (spell out every detail) in order to be the good guy, Alison admitted to me last night that buying the car last week wouldn't have been a good move.  I'm more proud of the fact that she can admit that to me, while holding her head high, than anything else.  Having been caught up in the moment, she needed someone (it was me) to throw a bucket of cold water on her.  So, she's striving to save every dime and realizes that she can buy a perfectly fine car for her needs for a much lesser wad of dough, too.

But the business at hand is still my birthday, since I've recently subscribed to Wendy's notion of "birthday week."  At top left is a book that my sister gave me.  It's an old, paperback book (c. 1963), part of an early reader series recently pulled from their school library.  My sister must have said something like, "Vicki needs more yarn like she needs a hole in the head," at some point early this summer.  My nephew, the 8-year-old comedian, picked up on it and discovered that he could get quite a laugh upon repeating this line (especially and most approvingly from his mother), and did so many times over the summer.  I'm sure you see why my sister would consider this the perfect gift.

Hole in my head or not, I ROCKCara said so in black and white (see the card?), and backed it up with colorful flowers.  I took delivery of said flowers at 11:30 CST on Saturday morning.  I was still in my PJs.  At noon, Ann called so she could talk to me, sweetheart that she is, and send her best wishes while I was still young.  I was still in my PJs and, it turns out, so was she -- and she's EST!  It was well past 2:00 CST when I finally got dressed and it was only so I could go to the store.  Anytime I'm in my PJs for that long, I think fondly of the PJ Queen, Celia -- she practically invented PJ Day (links on her sidebar)!

But this is only the beginning of the multi-part PJ story!  Also shown above is a beautiful, cotton nightgown (I love lots o' buttons!) from GAIAM, a gift from DH that I opened on Sunday morning.  I have another nightgown from this company, also a gift from DH a few years ago (what can I say... I like nice sleepwear), that I took with me on the Rhinebeck trip.  It not only kept me warm, but is apparently good for humoring the hostess, too.  As I emerged sleepy-eyed from my bedroom, I was laughingly accused of being "all Little House on the Prairie" (one of my favorite books series AND shows of all time, I'll have you know).

I sat down to read the Sunday paper and a large picture in the Travel section caught my eye.  It was an interior shot of a grocery store in Shanghai and there was a man wearing his PJs looking over the produce.  The caption stated that folks in Shanghai think nothing of going about their daily lives -- out and about on the street -- in their pajamas.  Well!  Celia, as you may or may not know, is visiting China at this very moment!  All I could think was, "Well, Celia must feel right at home!"  I rushed right over to her blog and left a comment.  She wrote back to say that she hadn't seen anyone in their pajamas yet, but they'll actually be in Shanghai on Wednesday!  I don't want her to rush the trip on my account, but I can't wait for a report.  I can't wait for her to post about the whole trip -- I enjoyed the pictures and stories about Italy so much!

I didn't really intend to leave a cliffhanger yesterday.  I'll tell you, blogging is so weird sometimes.  One day, I've got nothing and all the time in the world and I'm struggling to put two words together, the next day I'm under the gun and feel like upchucking all over.  I'll stop before someone hollers, "Clean up on aisle 3," but still to come is cooking and Shirley Shrugs and more birthday stuff.



So clearly Rusty's got a thing for braids and prairie lands. Nothing wrong with that!

Oh and you DO rock - granny nightgown and all. ;-) I have spoken. So it shall be.

Let the birthday week fun continue!


I love nightgowns and that's pretty much it for me. No PJs for this girl. And long, romantic nightgowns are the best, especially when they are flannel.


I love nightgowns and that's pretty much it for me. No PJs for this girl. And long, romantic nightgowns are the best, especially when they are flannel.


That's such a pretty nightgown, I might have to get one for my mom.

Happy Birthday, V. You're my favorite Scorpio, and that means something, coming from a Cancer!


I'm a big fan of the birthday week. Enjoy!


I'm a big fan of the birthday week. Enjoy!


There is nothing wrong with girlie nightgowns or whole birthday weeks. I feel awed by those who blog daily..sometimes I just can't find anything to say worth sharing, I guess. Glad to know you have trouble on some days too.


It is a pretty nightgown but I am all about the ratty tshirts. Silkier the better!!


My DH and I joke about 'birthday week' as well. I do believe it's my birthday week right now! ;)


I'm a nightgown person myself. My girls laugh at me because when they ask what I want for birthdays or Christmas, it is always nightgowns. A girl can't have too many as far as I'm concerned. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICKI. Hope your birthday week has been a good one. Sometimes we all have to have our "yammering" days. It's good for you. :)

Bookish Wendy

Late to the game. Missed your birthday. Will surely make up for it in Spades!

Hippy Birthday PJ Lady...good thing your PJ's are soooo pretty.

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