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Dsc05908I love my new shoes.  I bought these at the Bass outlet store by Cara's house before heading to soggy fairgrounds at Rhinebeck.  I had a bit of a shoe dilemma on that trip.  I can't find the darn post, but y'all remember Stephanie and the "one bra, one pair of shoes" post or something like that.  That's me.  I've never had a thing for shoes, have never had more than a half-dozen pair of any type of footwear (boots, tennies, slippers, sandals, "good shoes") at any one time.  I was completely thrown off by all the rain that preceded my trip east and totally botched it in the footwear department.  In a last-minute panic, I threw in some old, but nice leather Mary Janes and a pair of Bjorns that weren't really mine but they were by the back door.  It was the Bjorns that I wore on the plane and by the time I got to Newark, with all that sitting on the plane in Chicago, I had blisters.  Obviously, I wouldn't be wearing them for the rest of the weekend (or ever again).  The leather shoes I brought were great, but monsoon season was just ending and it was wet and even though they were a few years old, they were expensive shoes and I still wear them and I didn't really want to ruin them.  Thank goodness for Cara!  She knew where to go (and Bass shoes have always fit me well).  There was a two-fer special, so I actually bought two pairs, but I love these the best.  You want to know why?  They fit like a glove from Day One, and they're absolutely perfect with both pairs of my handknit socks.  They're waterproof, too.

On the way to my brother's for lunch on Saturday, we ran by the LYS for needles.  I bought a set of Crystal Palace bamboos to replace the Brittany birches that snapped.  I also snagged two hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in a color called "pewter" that Mom had eyed up last week -- her birthday is January 31st and maybe, just maybe I'll have a chance to make her some socks.  And I signed up for a class in color knitting.  I'm going to put the Latvian mittens on hold 'til then -- the class meets twice for two hours each time and there's a limit of four students.  I think it would just be good for me to review and watch and learn some more -- and I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  So, I've had the yarn and pattern for "Pop Up Paws" for a year at Ali's request, and decided that I'll try to get those done in the next couple of weeks.  I also worked some on the shrug, arms and hands are aching in the morning, though, so need to pace myself.  I'm starting to worry about where my Weasley stuff is -- a baby sweater is a quick knit, but I don't want to be crammin' at Christmas.

We had a great lunch and visit with my bro and his wife -- they live out in the country on a small river, so it was a nice change of scenery.  I was delighted to find a llama farm, just before the turn-off to his road -- practically next-door neighbors!  It looked like they had quite a herd.  There was a sign out front with the words "fiber for sale" and a phone number.  I'll definitely call and check it out next time!  DH and I did a little Saturday afternoon Sunday driving in the way home -- we checked out some little towns that we usually just zip past on the highway by-pass, saw many a "fixer-upper" farmhouse, a few too many house-less farms, and happened upon little cluster of lakes rimmed with great, funky, original, old cottages, supper clubs and taverns.  It had a great "up north" feel, kind of retro, even, and it's not that far away.

I went over to Mom's yesterday afternoon to watch the game, as I usually do on Sunday afternoons during football season.  When she learned that the Falcons had a record of 6-2, she wistfully said that she wished the Packers had a record like that.  "Heh," I said, "even 2-6 would be nice for the Pack!"  Well, after yesterday's win, we're 2-7!  ; )  Our fifth string running back, Samkon Gado, celebrated his 23rd birthday by making three touchdowns in his first NFL start!  I loved the sign in the stands that read, "Oh my Gado!"  Indeed.



It's hard to find shoes that fit handknit socks (at least for me). You've certainly found a winner!!


Anytime, my friend. Anytime. :-)

Glad the Pack finally got a win! I love that - Oh My Gado! That may become the new Lapierre. ;-)


Two-fer shoes, the very best kind.


Cool shoes and good score on the yarn. And the football game, too. I'm glad things went your way. But I just don't "get" football. I know, it's pretty sad. I'm fairly intelligent but talk to me about football and 30 seconds after you've explained it to me I STILL don't get it.


What's the name of that shoe? I have a Bass Outlet not too far from me. I have a terrible time with shoes. Very high arches.

Teresa C

There is one thing wrong in this post. "Both pairs of my handknit socks." Get crackin'!


Love the shoes! When I first glanced at the picture and started to read the post, I thought they were Danskos (oh how I love Danskos, but I can't justify the expense right now) However I am addicted to my Lands End all weather mocs. I wore them yesterday out and about as we played tour guides showing DH's parents around Ithaca NY. They fit just fine over hand knit socks. I realized I would love a pair of Lands End all weater mocs in the clog style, but I *whine* am not in Madison anymore, and no longer have the "Inlet" just down the road to go shop at (and I hate catalog/online shopping for shoes!)
I missed the Pack game on Sunday. My inlaws are here from Wisconsin (Menominee Rez) and my FIL watched the game, however I was in the kitchen slaving over lasagna and spanokopita.

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