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Baby sweater

Dsc05962_1How many people does it take to put a sweater on a baby?  He's so good-natured and puts up with our shenanigans.  ; )  Someone said over the weekend that he reminds them of the Quizno's baby (hey, I think they're right!), so now I think "Bob" when I look at him.  He's ten times cuter, of course, and much more of a fashion horse.  I can't imagine how many times a day he'd be changing clothes if he were a she.

I had Maddy dig through the box marked "Baby Clothes" that I've saved, looking for something to aid in determining size and measurements for the Weasley.  The girls used to beg to look in that box -- they were amazed at the teensy, tiny, pretty things that they once wore:  the blue and white gingham bonnet I made with cross-stitched ducks, a favorite little sailor dress, the outfit from Harrods, pink hats.

Dsc05950We found this four-color wrap sweater that I knit some 20 years ago toward the end of my first pregnancy.  Despite increasing and excruciating pain in my right arm due to carpal tunnel-type problems as the pregnancy progressed, I was determined to knit to the finish and then I sewed it together quite badly.  Oh, it's horrible!  I don't remember where the pattern came from, but it looks nice other than the wonky sewing.  I remember recycling the buttons from one of DH's old shirts.  It just fits, so Weasley will be a bit larger.

Using my earlier sleeve as a swatch, I recalculated everything according to gauge and the desired size and proportion and started Weasley anew.  I got a good start in the car, taking Katie back to school, and then finished the first sleeve and cast on the second before bed.  I also finished, except for the kitchenering, the first Log Cabin Sock.  Knitting pics tomorrow!



Oh, he really does look like Baby Bob! Just in case it's hard to think of him as the Quizno's baby, I believe that Baby Bob made his television debut sitting in the back seat of a Mercedes SUV. I think you need to knit "Bob" some socks or slippers to cover those bare feet, though I don't think that there's a proven method for keeping such things on the feet of little babies. I can't wait to see your adult sized sock and the Weasley!


Oh he's just too damned cute. I want to squeeze his cheeks!!


Oh that poor baby! ;-)
Glad the Weasley's working out.

Thankfully, we don't get those Quizno's commercials out here. They freak me out. And Mack is NOTHING like Bob. He's Mack!

Bookish Wendy

No! Not that...those damn things creep the shit out of me... He's wayyy cuter.


that hand!! so cute and chubby - I want to bite it!


What a cute baby! And that hand shot is totally precious.


The sweater is cute, just ignore the seams! I like all the different colors. And yes, he does look a bit like the Quizno's baby! SOoooo adorable.

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