The last day of summer
Outta my way, Norma!

Under the gun

Dsc05479The cable guy was just working outside.  How do I know?  Because I'd just finished reading about Cara's Almost Everyday situation and was clicking to see Norma's sky related to Sandy's contest when I saw the "This page cannot be found" page.  Aarrrgh.  I clicked around a little more, MargeneKatyAnn?  Oh, that's right, Ann's in Vegas...

So I ran out to see and sure enough, Cable Guy.  He hopped into his truck as I went out to bring in the garbage can (the lid of which you can see in the pic of the back of Williamsro and one of my gigantic hosta(ge)s that I love beyond reason -- the original subject of today's post) and asked whether what he was doing up there would have anything to do with my losing connection.  He said yeah, for about a minute... well, maybe five.  He said I should have it now, though, and he hopped into his truck and said he'd be back in 45.  So now I'm posting under the gun.  Forty-five is usually a piece of cake, but then I saw Katy's post and there's been an editorial shift...

Dsc05480Shit, shit, shit!  So, instead of potentially contest-winning sky pics, which I don't have right now, anyway, I snapped a couple of my kitchen.  Katy, this is very similar to what you're thinking of -- but a little different and for a totally different reason.  Sorry for the blurry pic (that's what happens when you're in a hurry!), but that's my island.  The lit up cabinet is a salvaged piece and behind it in the island is my kitchen sink.  The view is from the living area and a little ways behind me is the front door.  I wanted my sink in the island, did not want piles of dirty dishes in full view of the front door!  I think this piece is a little smaller than what you're looking at, Katy, but similar idea.

Dsc05481Dsc05483Here's a view from the side (the kitchen door/closet is behind me in this one) and only for you will I show the other side -- the side that it's hiding from the front door!

The cabinet houses most of my green depression glass collection.  Lots of other stuff has found its way into that cabinet, too, but I love it when it's all lit up -- we'd refitted it with glass shelves.  DH made a new top and installed the lights.

Dsc05482These few pieces are in the niche we carved out over the heat vent.  The big pretzel jar (cookie jar) is the piece that launched the collection in the first place -- years and years and years ago!  The lid is broken and re-glued (badly), but it's still a treasure.

Williamsro is growing, there are still treasures in my garden -- tomorrow!  I'm signing up for WW Online today.  You guys are just fab.  Thanks for the votes of confidence and all your support.  You make me say, "Of course I can do it!"  Duh.

Whew.  I think I made it...



I wouldn't have made that time deadline today because Typepad ate my post at the end of it. I love your kitchen pics and I especially love that you didn't wipe your surfaces clean of everything like a magazine image of what a kitchen's supposed to look like. I understand why you love your house.


We were without power all night...long story, see tomorrrows post. I was impressed that the cable people were there with the power company all night and as soon as the power came back the cable followed in short order. It was a hard night without the Internet!


You'll love WW online! Let me know if I can help!


Odd day. When I drove home this afternoon I saw guys sitting underneath the power pole on the neighbor's lawn having lunch or coffee or something. I was filled with trepidation, but it didn't seem that the power had been off or anything. Odd that this all happened on the same day. We're. all. connected! (scary!)

Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I want to you come take up residence in my house and make it over, Vicki!


oops, that would be "you to come" not "to you come" -- Gawd, who'd know I'm supposed to be Miss Accuracy, eh?




I can commiserate with the cable woes. My cable company has me thisclose to losing my mind since I signed up for internet service.

Stephanie VW

I've been kind of AWOL over the last few weeks, so I'm just catching up on my reading. I love the cabinet of depression glass in your kitchen. It's beautiful! And what a great "design detail" to hide the dishes at the sink.

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