Oh, nuts!
Is it a balloon? a basketball?


Dsc05371Caryl's Kerchief-more-of-a-Shawl is finished except for blocking.  I'd like to give it a soak and pin it out tonight; we'll see how it goes.

We did go north this weekend and I'm glad.  It was very quiet at the lake for the last big weekend of the summer -- the weather was nice, so that was a little surprising, but also fine by me.  It was pretty low-key -- card games, knitting (me), reading, s'mores.  We bought milk on the way and I must have had my mind on something else when I agreed that a gallon of milk would be enough for 2+ days/8 people -- we arrived Saturday afternoon and by bedtime, we were down a half-gallon.  So we also went "to town" on Sunday for milk and whatever, which included a couple of yard sales and the consignment shop where I bought the yarn for the shawl on my last visit... where I bought more yarn on this visit...

Dsc05370I decided in the car that I was going to finish the shawl this weekend -- it seemed appropriate.  My nephew (he helped me wind the hank into a ball a few weeks ago) was also at the lake and he seemed impressed with the fact that the big ball of yarn had been nearly used up.  Here's a better pic of the pattern and it's quite true for color.

We had a quick visit with Kt on our way home and now it's back to business/school as usual.  Except Ai... her first day of classes is tomorrow and it will be a bit different than her last, but no doubt she'll quickly fall in.

Thank you for all the tips regarding black walnuts.  I rolled my eyes when I first heard about driving over them with a car, but I see it is a method employed by many.  The harvest continues!



Good luck with the black walnuts! We have a couple volunteer trees started from the squirrels. There's a big old tree two lots over. Did I say "a couple"? I'll borrow Jen's phrase, "eleventy hundred." We keep having to dig the suckers up, when they suddenly pop up in the middle of some other plant, shrub, whatever. They have DEEP taproots! I've got one seedling that I transplanted and it's now doing all right. It took several years, though. Seems they don't like being transplanted. Anyway, I would love to be able to harvest some, but I bet it's a ton of work. And I'm sure I'll be older and grayer by the time this seedling is ready to produce fruit.

Love the Caryl's Kershawl. You find yarn at a consignment shop? Geez, you're lucky!


Beautiful Kershawl - beautiful color! Glad you had a nice weekend.


Lovely Kershawl. I love how you change the names of things. :)


it is lovely ---- where did you find the pattern? isn't the last weekend bittersweet?

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