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My horoscope says that I'm to "radiate serenity" today.  I don't think that's hard for me.  I may be a seething cauldron on the inside, but most days you'd think I'm a little teapot.  I may have had a little premonition.  I was quite serene last night as I ripped the back of Williamsro for the second time.  I had run out of yarn and joined new, knit a dozen stitches, had one more overall look and just slipped it off the needles.  Problems with tension, mainly that bothersome stitch that follows a cable, and especially the eight-stitch cables.  Sometimes I try too hard, you know?  The more I try to tighten it up, the looser it is!  It's happened before and I don't understand.  But I'm serene...  I started from scratch for the third time and I really and truly do think it's working (fingers are crossed nevertheless).

I'm neither a short nor a tall teapot, but I have become a bit more of a stout teapot in the past six months.  I don't like it.  I attribute it mostly to a change in metabolism since quitting smoking; my eating habits have not really changed.  I'm at my most stout, except for pregnancy, and I've been here once before -- 17 years ago.  We were winding up a visit with friends, a couple and their young son, on Vashon Island, WA; we'd all gathered in front of the blueberry bushes in the back yard to tape a group rendition of "The More We Get Together" on our videocamera.  That went well and you just can't go wrong with Raffi, but the closing scene is me walking toward the camera to turn it off.  I have a one-year-old Ai on my hip -- my very ample hip, and how I ever thought those pants were flattering is beyond me, and it was more like walloomping toward the camera.  Anyway, after my first viewing of that tape, I picked up the phone and found a Weight Watchers meeting.

It took me nine months to lose 50 pounds.  And then I got pregnant again.  Well, what can you do?  I came through that one pretty well, though, and eventually found a comfortable spot on the scale, admittedly much higher than "goal weight," but I felt good and held pretty much steady for the last 17 years.  Obviously, I didn't like how it looked or felt then -- and even less now.  It's changed.  That extra 20 pounds is sitting not so gracefully on a very different body -- older, less toned, more prone to gravitational shifts, if you know what I mean, and it's a different kind of fat.

My mother has had recent success with WW and I wish I could go to meetings with her, but I can't.  She came with me the whole time 17 years ago, even though her heart wasn't in it and the scale barely budged, just for moral support.  I still have all my materials, though, and gathered them up on Sunday.  I borrowed what I was missing from Mom, and took a look at my old progress chart (complete with pictures!) and I'm going to give it a go.  Perhaps the change in season is putting me in the mood for change, too.



If you can quit smoking, you can do anything! I was the heaviest I've ever been in my life this year. Luckily ;-) a bout of mental illness took off at least ten lbs. I've managed to keep them off - my pants that didn't fit now fit. The running, I'm hoping, will help.

Anyway, that's a long winded way of saying you're not the only one who wants to drop some (I'd say another ten for me) and I have complete confidence in you!


Hey Vicki,
You can do WW online now. It's not quite as "motivating" as a meeting but I've had pretty good success with it. I took off 25 lbs last year. I put 10 back on but I'm working at it again. It's constant surveillance that works, I guess.


Good luck with your WW, I love this time of year, lots of vegetable bread!


I am right there with you Vicki. I need to lose some too!!


Am feeling stoutish myself. Sigh... Having quit smoking many decades ago, I can't blame it on that. It's You put it into words I relate to.

Kim/Curlie Girl

You go for it girl! If you can quit smoking, you can lose the weight you want. Don't be too tough on yourself. They say that most people put on a few extra pounds when they quit. You are so much more healthy now, than you were when you smoked, and you can lose the weight, you've done it before. It just takes time. Besides, at this time of year, I always say that I'm putting on my "winter fat"!


Wish you were closer ,I would take you to my meeting with me. I have a great WW meeting. It inspires me every week. I just reached my 35 pounds. You quit smoking so I know you will do this too.


I'm doing WW right now!!!
How cool is that. It's been almost 2 weeks. I've lost 2 pounds (not noticeable yet) but hey, at least I haven't gained 2 pounds right?

Let me know if you need/want any help. There is also a great free online resource.
Dotties Weightloss Zone.


I know exactly what you mean. Maybe WW online would do the trick?


With you too, Vicki! I also hope the change of seasons will help with this. So sorry to read about the teens in your sister's community -- it's every mom's absolute fear.

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