Tastes like...

Is it a balloon? a basketball?

Dsc05373Dsc05372No.  It's a mushroom!  I'm told that it's not even a record-breaking mushroom in these parts, but it sure looks like it should be!  DH spotted this giant puffball in our ravine when returning from a walk with Mickey.  Mdd went down later to harvest it and will take it to school (a little extra credit never hurts) for her "You In Nature" class and where her teacher will actually prepare it and they'll all get a taste.  Looks like there should be plenty to go around.  I don't recall that I've ever had puffballs, specifically, but I have had other types of wild mushrooms and fungi in the past, as well as fiddle-head ferns and cattails in spring, and, well, YUM!

I got a lot done around the house yesterday.  Cleaning, organizing, tossing, filing... no blocking of the Kershawl, but the top of my washer and half the dryer are visible and lint-free!  For fibery fun, I did fondle the stash a bit -- boxed and bagged and organized that, too, and decided that I don't need any more right now.  Not that I'd turn any away at the door.

New Knitty -- I've only had the quickest glance at patterns, but I think I'm going to feel the love.  Oh yeah.



Hi - This is my first visit to your blog - I linked through from Lynne's post. Anyhow, just wanted to say that I love the color of your kershawl. Oh, and nice giant mushroom! I've never seen one that big...



Damn! That's a big mushroom. Looks like a volleyball to me. Maddy's going to EAT it? That's a little too brave for me - even if I did like mushrooms!


Never seen one that big. Sheesh. Can we have a pic of the stem side? You learn something new every day. You can eat cattails?


holy fantastical fungii Batman!


oh my! when i realised what it was, i immediately wondered if you could carve it like a pumpkin... although i'm not entirely sure why.


That is one freakin' big puff ball.


Wow! That's one big shroom.


Holy Cow!!!!

Lynne S of Oz

*that's* a puffball? What a freakily big one! I've only ever seen puffballs that are say 2 across....
nice the colours. Almost pansy-like.

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