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24 September 2005

Hold your kids close and remind them to be safe

...even when they're having fun.  You know, my kids roll their eyes at me, too, but I do it every single time -- "Be careful, be good," I say when they walk out the door.  "I am," is what I usually hear in reply.  And I smile and tell them that I know it, but I just have to say it.  Because...

Yesterday, there was supposed to be a homecoming football game in Cameron, WI, the small town where one of my sisters and her family lives.  My niece graduated from high school last spring and my nephews are in middle and elementary school there.  The game and dance have both been cancelled and the whole town is in shock and mourning at the death of one student and injuries requiring air-lifting to the hospital of another following an accident as the truck they were riding in returned to the high school parking lot and they were somehow ejected.  There is a story here.

A stupid accident.  It takes my breath away to think of the sadness there.


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