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27 September 2005

Good times

Found scrawled on the bathroom wall of the LYS yesterday:

For a good time, call 877-SOS-KNIT

That's a free, hilarious call for those in the US and Canada.  So, I grabbed the phone, punched some buttons and stepped onto the back porch last night.  Phone time used to be prime smoking time for me, and that was always done outside, and the habit of taking the phone outside continues (though will probably change come November/December) -- so when I returned to the back door, the dog and one of the cats was looking at me funny.  Go on, push some buttons!

I hope that my trip to Rhinebeck will include a Harlot sighting, maybe even a signing.  She's a gas.


Called it this morning. Very funny. And I'm sure we can arrange a Harlot sighting/signing for you, my dear!

I'm so envious...you, Rhinebeck, the Harlot and everyone else...sigh.

So I called last night and pressed #3 for Dale to listen to. I handed him the phone, he smiled and nodded and listened and then handed it back to me and said "who was that?!?"

Vicki - I'll see you at 1:00 p.m. at Rhinebeck! Happy knitting, Jennifer

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