Red, white and blue
Too red?

Splish, spla -- oops, not yet!

TubThat's my old cast iron/porcelain bathtub awaiting "irregular" trash day.  DH, in short sessions, knocked it apart with a sledge hammer on Friday -- the thing weighs a ton and this seemed "easier." Yeah, right; he almost gave up, but then found the weak points at the corners.

Down1 Mdd helped DH haul out the old wallboard and tile -- until she was picked up for a holiday weekend in the country.  There was a little bit of carpentry and electrical work to be done, and by late yesterday, it was looking like something:

Down4There is nothing like remodeling -- except DIY remodeling -- to test your relationship!  There was a bit of testiness yesterday, too, while discussing tile, spacing of said tile, cutting of said tile, etc. about the tile.  Fortunately, DH had a volunteer commitment yesterday afternoon and that gave us both a much-needed break.  Somehow, it was a lot less complicated when he returned.  He intends to have all the tile set today.  Tomorrow, I'll help with the grout.

I've heard from both prize winners!  Red, White & Blue will be in the mail tomorrow!  That was fun, huh?

MlowI have been knitting a little bit, too.  #1 is a surprise -- I've already started over once, but don't want to show you 'til I know it's going to work (it shouldn't be too long).  #2 is Tivoli/Knit Red -- unfortunately, I'm not going too fast with this, but Anna's freshly finished shirt was some motivation yesterday (maybe I can borrow her arms when it's time for my photo shoot!).  I worked on it while watching one of my favorite musicals, Funny Girl, last night!  (Is that on Jen's list of movies to see, Cara?)  #3 is Williamsro -- I grabbed one of my Cash Iroha swatches and picked up the Blossom along the bottom edge.  I think it's too bright and there's not enough green in the Blossom.  I knit several rows with Blossom doubled, as instructed, and then knit several rows with one strand of Blossom and one of the Cash Iroha and that might work.  Kt liked it better.  I forgot to take pics, but I'll do that tonight and post 'em tomorrow, and let's see what you guys think!

I was able to find a little time in the garden over the long weekend, too.  ; )

Oooh, ooh, the man issue of Knitty is up, too!



I may just have to send my DH a link to your bathroom got the tub, that I have been begging for....LOL


Seriously, EVERYTHING'S on Jen's list.

I can't believe a bad word was spoken between the two of you at all! Not you too! You are both too damn sweet!

Oh and tell Rusty I need him over here when he's done. Seriously. When are you guys coming back?


Good luck on all your remodeling :)


nice tub! the long, hot soaks in your future --- ahh!

you're right about DIY/marital tensions --- wonder how many marriages break up over wallboard?


Oh, bathroom!!! (not) It will be worth it all in the end though. I LOVE the glass block you have in there. I vow to have that in my house someday!

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