Hangin' for the holiday
Splish, spla -- oops, not yet!

Red, white and blue

Happy Independence Day!  A good day for prizes in patriotic colors...

WhtblBlissohoRed! In celebration of my unexpected and delightful trip to NYC, two balls of Debbie Bliss SoHo, actually purchased in SoHo at The Point, will be on their way to Colette as soon as I get her snail mail address.

White & Blue!  In celebration of my darling new nephew, two hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in color "denim stripe" from Purl will be sent to Stacie.

It's a working holiday at Chez Knitorious.  DH, applying the last of the Wonderboard cement wall board around the new tub, just popped his head in to tell me about a job that could be done.  We are a little behind, but it's pretty much a one-butt job and there isn't much I can do to actually speed it up -- I suppose I can at least look like I'm working.

After testing the fit of the tub 20 bazillion times yesterday (that number grows by a 'zillion every time I talk about it), it was finally set yesterday -- not before some testy words between the test fitters!

Hope y'all are having a fine weekend!


Kim/Curlie Girl

Happy Independence Day! Hope you get to have a soak in your new tub this evening!


Wooohooooo!!!! Happy 4th! Thanks so much Vicki! :)

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