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I wear my sunglasses...

Dsc05130Dsc05131On Saturday afternoon, I filled in at my local antique mall for a couple of hours.  On the left, you see what came home with me, $20 worth; on the right, an example of stuff I love but leave behind (usually).  I brought home a cool Bakelite button, three belt buckles (one is large enough to close my Shapely Shawlette, I think), two old cabinet photos, a nicely made wicker basket, and yet another stoneware bowl.

Dsc05133Dsc05132It's the kids and the women's clothing and hair that grabs me in these old cabinet photos.  Tell me, how can you resist faces like these?  I zoomed in on the little ones with hats -- they're pictured with the whole family out in the yard and even though these two don't show it, the rest of the family is unusually jovial for this type of photo.  The baby is either on the verge of laughing or crying, and I love the plastered down hair!  Do I need an excuse for buying another bowl?  Heh.  This is the fourth of this type and size (though two of the other three are different colors, at least), so maybe I do.  My "bowl thing" has rubbed off on Kt, at least, so I know that when I need to get rid of some, there's a willing taker.

Mdd read HP from 8:15 a.m., when she got the book, 'til 6:00 p.m. when she decided that half-way was a good place to stop.  I asked her if it was the best one yet, as I'd heard; she said that it was good, but very surprising!  There's a very complicated arrangement with the HP books at our house and I'm not sure I even fully understand, but the book stayed home when Mdd went to camp yesterday at noon and she'll finish it when she gets back home.  I saw a mother at the Y with the book tucked under her arm and she said that she'd be reading it while her son was at camp this week!

DH finished watching "The Machinist" on Saturday and I saw a little of it, too.  Now that I know the ending, I could probably tolerate it a little better.  Continuing the weird movie weekend, we watched "The Final Cut" last night.  It was pretty good in a psycho-kind-of-thriller, what-if way.  These are not usually the types of movies that DH brings home!

Dsc05134Dsc05135If you recall seeing a Cable & Rib sock on this blog last week, please put it out of your mind.  This is the new and improved version, started last night, after I humbly and grumbly made a swatch while catching up with the KnitCast podcasts yesterday morning.  Swatching sock yarn while listening to Stephanie (she knows a little something about socks/I can't wait for the new book), Kate, Pam Allen, Lily Chin, the Wendy extra (finally!)...  Very enjoyable.  It's so fun to hear people speak -- and sometimes surprising!  Anyway, I think I've finally got gauge with the specified yarn and size 3 needles (nabbed for a quarter at a garage sale) rather than size 1, pretty much as Margene suggested.

And, finally, Who's Better Than Me and Ann (4 months!) and Joan and Lesli and my sister and all the other Quitters today?



A big YEA on yours and Ann's 4 month quit! Kudos to everyone else too. I will have 2 months on Saturday and my birthday too!! It doesn't get much better than this. Oh and it's my first day of retirement then too. Life is good.

Kim/Curlie Girl

Looks like you had a great time at the antique mall. I love the photos and the was a basket week-end for me too, and I came home with two of them (one if which is very similar to yours!)



So, whatcha going to buy next with all that cigarette money you've got lying around?

Glad things are working out with the socks. I've decided Margene is a genius. Or a buddhist god. Or a combination of both. Anyway - not someone to argue with. ;-)


4 months!! WOO HOO!!
Way to go.


Four months? WOW!


yay for us Vicki! I am glad you posted that today because I didn't realize it was a momentous day..... also love your antique haul - you need to go back for the Cinderella lotion!

another Heather

Your finds are great!

Congrats on being a quitter. My dh will have 3 wks smoke free on Friday, I am so proud of him....and all you quitters out there! Keep it up!

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