My First Sock
Oh my

Left and right

For years, whenever I had to determine my left from my right, I would be transported back to my first grade classroom in Highland Park, Illinois, where Mrs. Kelly, my teacher, had tacked up big cut-out hands, identified with the words "left" and "right," on either side of the chalkboard at the front of the room.  I could conjure the image of that chalkboard in an instant, "see" the identified hands and the all-important thumbs, and make my determination.  Mrs. Kelly was the most wonderful, most beautiful, most everything first grade teacher there ever was!  Oh, I loved her; she set the bar for all who followed and there were few who reached it -- it was fourth grade before there was even a contender!

Mrs. Kelly and the accompanying warm fuzzies came to mind yesterday when Kim suggested that the boo-boo design element on my sock could be used to identify left from right.  What a wonderful idea!  Thank you for all so much your kind, encouraging words!  That's one of the most terrific things about blogging.  I took Cara's advice, also, and cast on the second sock and got a few rows under my belt.  Not so sure about trying to duplicate the same "design element" on the second sock; no doubt, it will have one or two unique and unintended features of its own in the end.  I had hoped to finish my first blanket square -- only a few rows to go -- but, man, I was beat.  I swear, my Jazzercise instructor was trying to bring me to my knees last night!  I managed to walk out on my own two feet, thank you!  Thank you very much!  ; )



Ugh. I could use left and right socks. I am SO bad at telling the difference - it's like a dyslexia or something.

Good for you for casting on! So important in combatting the syndrome!


Thata grrl...just keep knitting. My trainer about did me in yesterday, too. We must prevail;-)


I have dyslexia but we were taught left and right in 3rd grade--perhaps that was the problem. Too late. I love your sock and I think it look like a lovely design feature.


Highland Park, Illinois?!? My mom went to high school there. She grew up in Deerfield. As a matter of fact, she's visiting up there right now.

Kim/Curlie Girl

I'm so glad that there are other people who freely admit they miz up their left and right. I always have to think twice about it!

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