A day without Margene...

Johnny, jump up!

Dsc05103Yesterday's flower, courtesy of my daughters, is one of many in the drift of johnny jump-ups in one of the front beds.  They make me smile every single day as I shamelessly admire my garden, coming or going; all offspring of one little plant I was given for Mother's Day a few years ago.  There's even an occasional odd one or two growing quite far from "home," too.  It's truly amazing how unique each flower is -- from a distance they all look the same, but up close, there are incredible variations.  Here you see my pitiful attempt at trying to capture the drift in a photograph.

I think I neglected to tell you all of my ebay score the other day -- seven balls of Noro Blossom, color #4.  I ought to be receiving them soon and I'm anxious to see how the color works with the Cash Iroha for Williamsro.  If that doesn't work, it's back to ebay...  I shall post a swatch ASAP.

I declare it to be a Tivoli Day!  In other words, the sock is getting a rest...  I'm thinking about ripping it and starting over, perhaps even with a different pattern.  I'm not so anxious to give them away, after all -- if it were any other yarn, I'd be fine, but this is New York yarn and I'm sentimental that way...  I'd like to remember my NY buds when I wear my green striped socks (and wouldn't they want to be remembered that way?).  Plus, I have more than one item of clothing that will match those socks, the newest of which is a bra.  It's only been the last 5 years or so that I've even owned a bra, and I don't think there's been a single one that wasn't white or tan -- not even black -- but now I have one that's green.  Go figure.  What's next?  Animal prints?  Florals???


Kim/Curlie Girl

How about purple or red??? LOL! Your flowers are so pretty, and nice score on Noro! I'm turning green with envy!


woo-hoo green bra!! with matching socks no less .... no wonder that Rusty is always smiling!


Yup, gotta love the Tiv.


Your garden is so beautiful Vicki :)


Now that's unusual, matching your bra to your socks...as my mother would say though, "It's always best to be prepared, you never know who might see you!"

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