Got Pepper?

Is it time for my bath?

Dsc05122Dsc05125Here's the first Williamsro sleeve.  I finished knitting the Cash Iroha (green) part yesterday and the Blossom (variegated) was in yesterday's mail!  what do you think -- in comparison to this?  This (#4) is much more muted, but there are some very strong shots of color here -- lavender, green, red!  I cast on the Cash Iroha for the second sleeve, but it must have been the horrible movie (DH's choice, "The Machinist," which I found rather repulsive) we were watching last night that caused some tension problems, so I ripped and will have to restart.  I need to wind more hanks into balls, too; this sleeve took just over two hanks (both yarns are doubled throughout).

Dsc05127The bathroom is all but finished.  I did a little cleaning and hung one of the shower and window curtains today.  DH has applied the last of the caulk, installed the faucets and showerhead, and touched up some paint.  We're still awaiting the extra-long tub spout!

Hmmm, I wonder what Mdd's reading this morning?



I love these colors together...its a sweater to match your blog!


beautiful! I [heart] that pattern.


So I'm in Ball & Skein in Cambria, California and they have a TON of BLOSSOM. I'm frantically searching my cell phone for your number. I even had G search through his blackberry for any emails that might have your number. Nothing. I'm toying with the idea of calling my sister and having her send you an email when I thought - how many people actually come into this store to buy Blossom? They ship too.

But here I come home and you've got it. I'm relieved. I was going to buy it for you. But I was going to buy #7. Okay. I feel better now.

I'm home. I've missed you!

Heh, heh, heh. You're making a sock. LOL!


I've been coveting that sweater since seeing it last fall. Can't wait to see your progress on it!

Finished my own copy of that book after an all day read-a-thon yesterday. Recognized it even without the dust jacket! :)


I LOVE this sweater you are making. I like the muted one the best. :-)

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