Johnny, jump up!

I'm cruising along on my "little work of art" last night and it suddenly dawns on me that I haven't been working the cable part of the cable & rib pattern since I started working the heel.  I guess I'm just not happy unless I have screwed up cables to fix or forgotten cables to cross, even if it's a little sock!  I had to rip down and cross six cables altogether; I think that one of them is off by a row, but I didn't lose any sleep over it.

JhnnThere's been road construction on the corner(s) by work ever since the snow melted, so I've been taking alternate routes on my way home from work.  Occasionally, I make sure the route goes past my LYS -- the one that was recently sold and where I did my part in the inventory reduction sale.  One day last week, I noticed furnishings in the parking area and the window display has changed (it's so simple and cute, just hanks of yarn half-hitched over a suspended rod).  After closing down the farmer's market with my mom on Saturday (we lunched on the last batch of samoosas from one of the vendors), she was willing to "drive by."  It looked so different -- the change in the window, none of the usual stuff on the door (not even an open sign) -- that I just had to stop.  OMG, it is SO different inside, so NICE!

I like treasure hunting as much as the next fiber freak, and the previous owner knew her stuff and was usually very nice and very helpful, but this LYS was kind of out of control.  It's no fun when the merchandise is crowded and there isn't enough room to see everything, when balls of yarn on the top shelves are raining on your head as you see what's on the bottom, not to mention the ones your butt is displacing behind you because the aisle isn't wide enough (and it ain't my butt!).  It's also no fun when everywhere you look there are bags and boxes full of yarn -- is it new, special order, for sale, what am I missing??

I know the inventory reduction helped -- a lot of fiber has been removed from that shop -- but it is such a different feeling.  Same building (formerly a small house) and many of the same fixtures, but with space.  You can breathe and actually see stuff; it feels welcoming and relaxing.  I can't wait to go back!  My mom has knit a little over the years (she was my first teacher!), but it's been a very long time.  She was drawn to the felted bag samples (numerous) and would like to try her hand at a "boiled wool" bag this fall.  Hee.



Granny's bins are always stuffed like that. It kinda drives me nuts. Her granddaughter does it. If you take one ball out...avalanche. Glad your new shop is more fun.


We always say there are two seasons, road construction and winter.
How fun to have a great LYS to visit...or maybe it's trouble;-)


What a lovely picture of the Pansy!


Construction is sometimes a blessing in disguise, non? I'm glad your LYS got it's much needed facelift (and tuck). It looks like you found another comrade-in-crime, your mom. You must feature some of her new knitting on your blog.


I agree.....I hate shopping in a store that is so overcrowded with inventory that if you pull one ball down, they all fall out.

Simple is much better.....don't you think?


Lovely picture. It's so funny because I plant violas and pansies in the fall to bloom throughout the winter here. I guess that wouldn't work in Wisconsin, would it?
And the raspberries you picked over the weekend sound like heaven. My favorite!

alias Kiki Katt

OK, who are you? Just came across your blog this very minute, and you have to be talking about Jane's, no? The new shop looks good, but it doesn't feel like home anymore.

Lynne S of Oz

New (old) LYS - how exciting! We have an overcrowded one a few minutes down the road. Weird as. You can find the best stuff it you go trawling but it takes a bit of effort.

Vicki, how long now until you've been off the smokes for six months?

Lee Anne

How funny...those are what we have as winter flowers here in Texas. I wish they would bloom through the summer though, they are such pretty flowers. My last few died off a few weeks sad to see them go...

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