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20 July 2005

Hello mother, hello father...

Excerpts from an actual letter received in today's mail from Mdd (she's at camp this week, in case you've forgotten).

"I'm having soooooo much fun here.  Tomorrow we get to go to the ranch and ride around a bit.  I'm excited."

"I made a new friend."

"There are TONS of cute counsilors here.  A few of 'em... from England, one's from Germany, another from Australia, and one from IRELAND.  My counsilor is really nice..."

"I love you all!  Give Mickey a kiss for me!"

I guess it ain't all about the horses anymore.


neigh! she's falling for the accents! I love a good accent - btw, where is this camp and is there a parent's visiting day and can I tag along to meet all the cute councelors??

Cute! I wonder if the Ireland guy is the cutest and hence the capitalization. I'm glad she threw in the kiss for Mickey.

Never understood the appeal of horses myself, but counselors, well, now, that's a whole different animal. Good luck with that. ;-)

Too funny! My daughter (who will be 13 in a month) came home from a party last night and there were BOYS there. (Capitalized to emphasize her excitement) It was so funny to hear her talk about which one was cute, which one was funny, which one was a dork. They grow up in spite of us, I guess.

Luckily, for mine, it's still about the horses.

Awwwww...she's growing up! Watch out for that Irish fellow...lol!

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