Thank you for your comments -- incredibly helpful.  Unexpectedly, I found that watching the news last night was helpful, too.  I haven't watched the news in ages because the sensationalized and/or entertainment crap that's being passed off as "news" makes me sick (it's often difficult to tell the difference between "The Insider" and the nightly news).  On the local scene, there was a group of UW students and faculty boarding a plane bound for England and they never even considered cancelling the trip; originally, they were to spend the first few days of their month-long trip in London and that has now been changed, but that is all.  Kt will go, too, of course.  On the national news, I was gently reminded -- a number of times and by Londoners amidst the chaos -- that I really can't go home and close the door or They've won.  I knew that, too.

Oh, Ann, I know that mothers have always thought these things and, undoubtedly, each generation thinks that it can't get any worse, wonders what more the future could possibly hold.  I mourn a big jumble of things that are just not the same -- trick-or-treating, walking home from school, playing in the woods -- and wonder if someday soon things like the Olympics or other large events will have to change or cease just because of the security nightmares.  Will we find a way to thwart terrorists?  I recall a time when I was in junior high, I think, and there was a different airplane hijacked and people held hostage every week -- it seemed like it, anyway -- and somehow the threat of hijacking was overcome, even before Homeland Security and the most recent changes in airport security.  It gives me a little hope.  Thank you so much, Bonny, for sharing the Gandhi quote that you'd found yesterday, "...truth and love have always won."  That gives me comfort.


Gardening always helps.  This is the July garden picture collage, after a bit of weeding and the trimming of both garden phlox and bleeding heart (they were crazy-wild this year!).

The recent home improvement effort has had ill effect on my right arm, from shoulder to fingertips, muscles, nerves and joints ache and they don't really like the knitting.  I tried to pace myself last night, switching back and forth between projects, taking short breaks, and even trying a little picking as a switch from my normal throwing.  So there's been progress, but not much.

The icing on my feel better cake, so to speak, was found, for no particular reason, on my kitchen table this morning along with an "I love you" note from Ai.  It was an iced cookie in the shape of Patrick and even though I already ate it, it still makes me smile.  I'm better.



Sigh. Hang in there Vicki. I was lamenting the whole thing yesterday too. Kevin was in NY on 9/11--even though we lived in MA at the time. Across the street no less... The tube stop, Aldgate East, was Kevin's tube stop when we lived in London. Terrorism has a new face and it is far too familiar. My brother was a Navy Seal during the Cold War. It all seemed so far away back then... London--all of England are a strong group of people. They have seen incredible destruction. And they have remained strong. Stronger. Kevin is going in a couple of weeks on business. Katie will be fine. It is a remarkable experience. Not to be missed. Hugs.


aw, what a sweet girl you have.

Plankton is my favorite! :)


Glad you're feeling better, my friend.

Mary in Boston

I'm glad you're feeling better...we all were stunned and saddened by yesterday's events and wish things like this would never happen. Unfortunately, the world has always been a dangerous place.

You're garden is lovely...thanks for sharing it...I also meant to post and thank you for the pictures of Duncan and Mickey sweet.. Things to be joyful about.


kathy b

Thanks for the resource Daily Knitter. Found just the right thing to make on vacation next week. Im working on Christmas gifts in July, and i love the fingerless gloves free pattern . perfect find for today, thanks to YOU! See you spread goodness and thats your part today!

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