Oh my
Weekend discoveries

Be it known...

...by all those present(ly reading) that contrary to certain other accounts, the memer's/my response to certain threats was more like this (and I quote):  "Oh Norma, you're just a soft fuzzy peach!  Kneecaps, schneecaps -- Garnet's probably a softie, too!"  Then, admittedly having had a lapse about the other's little aversion to memes, being alerted/reminded only when my tagger wrote, "Norma's going to kill you," I gave her a gift:  "Surely, you can come up with ONE!"  One lousy idiotsyncracy is all that's required.  (And this one... she was OVER a barrel yesterday, and OVERjoyed to have been tapped, but somehow has to find her way out from UNDER all this nonsense...  The Bible?  Eden?  Bears shitting in woods???)  Ah, well...

GrpshtGrpclsKnitting time has been precious of late.  I started a whole different square for the blanket and don't have far to go -- I'm using some Lamb's Pride and a large basketweave pattern from a Harmony book of knitting patterns that I've had for ages.  Next to that, you see my second Cables & Rib sock, almost ready to start making cables.  I cast on once for the second sleeve of Williamsro, but tore it out because it was weird and haven't tried it again.  Maybe this weekend.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it'll quickly become my favorite cardigan.  And my Knit Red Tivoli T -- slow, slow going there, but going...

Believe it or not, we've had our digital camera for over a year -- make that at least two (because, damn, time flies!) -- and I only just had actual prints made by commercial processing within the past couple of weeks.  I am very pleased with how they turned out, but also decided to up the resolution of the pictures I take.  I wonder if that has anything to do with how much better Tivoli looks in these pics -- it would usually be a burning fireball with no definition at all!

NORma, Norma, come back!  Play along and have a laugh if you want; if you don't, meh.  In any case, y'all have a good weekend!



You square looks great! I'll be breaking into the stash this weekend.

The blog world has gone to the birds - Ann's beyond crazy with your UNDERworld ramblings and Norma, well, Norma should JUST DO IT!


I meant to say HER UNDERworld ramblings, not yours. ;-)

Kim/Curlie Girl

I'll be posting my idiosyncracies this afternoon...I'm just trying to narrow them all down...lol! Have a great week-end!


Norma deserves her name of 'the incorrigible'.


Yes, I read recently to take pics at the highest resolution--everything turns out better that way. So what if the card fills up faster! We never fill it up anyway, do we?

The knitting looks great. How do you knit so much even with "no" knitting time?


I would like it to be known that if Norma does not return, I have dibs on her antique wonder winder.


Well....you have been busy. I love the picture of Mac, he is adorable.


I only can really come up with one. Pet peeves....I got a bazillion of those.


Hey! I just thought of one: I hate being thought of as a party pooper! ;-D

Don't worry, it's comin', it's comin'. Geesh, stop pushing! ;-)

I got refrigerator guys to deal with. It's not a pretty sight. Now I've got thawed meats to cook and bananas to make cake/bread from and......and.....and......geesh.

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