On with the show

"You look like a crack whore..."

...said Kt when she saw Mdd with mascara streaks across her face and hair that fairly glowed after the dye was rinsed out last night.  How's that for sisterly love?  For crying out loud, these grrs don't ask me about anything anymore...  So now my blonde child is REALLY blonde -- she and I were both towheads, and it kind of reminds me of when she was little -- and both redheads have a light streak or two.

Mom has invited the grrs to stay while we're in NYC.  She said, as if it were a selling point, "Tell them that I'll do their hair!"  My grrs were never crazy about having their hair done when they were little, but things change as they grow, you know, and this offer made them laugh.  And we're all set -- airplane tickets, hotel, and admission to MOMA; the rest of the itinerary is in development in the capable hands of a fabulous new sock-knitter (they are just amazing, Cara!).  (And look who else knit an extraordinary first sock!)  Applause all around.

I'll have pics tomorrow -- hair, goodies in the mail (Kristyn, you're sweet!), booties, maybe some yarn to show, or a new project.  It's really quite cool this morning, but sticky with humidity and the promise of quickly increasing heat.  Uncomfortable.  It's been hot and sticky -- like just about everyplace else in the country except Utah, it seems!



Thank you (she says blushing.) I had a lot of fun making those socks.

Did you get the emails we sent you? Let me know, K?


LOL! That's "'ho"...Crack 'ho, for those in the know (this from my 16yo son with the purple and orange hair!)

Took a leaf from your book and started photographing all the beauteous things that are coming up around the yard. Thanks for the inspiration!!



I still love playing with my hair! do you ever get too old for that?

ps. is your sister's imminent delivery in anyway going to change your NYC plans?


Awww, I'm blushin', too! Have a wonderful trip to NYC! (oy, it's conna be hot.)


I'm just imagining all those Google searches at the moment!


That's a title I never thought I'd read on your blog! It's sunny and warmer today...but it will be cold and rainy again tomorrow...hurmph.


Have a GREAT time in New York Vicki! I know you are going to have too much fun! And MOMA...OOOoooooo envy!! (I still think you should wear the viking chicken hat! lol)

Kim/Curlie Girl

It's so hot and sticky here too! Have a wonderful week-end Vicki!


Have a great time in NY - I will keep the t-storms here in NJ for ya if you want - we had our power knocked out again last night till 4:30 am - (yup, oh, that's the light I forgot to turn off). How many yarn shops are on the itinerary?


Awww how sweet sisterly love hehehe

Bookish Wendy

I'm catching up over here after a long absence...It's kind of fun that you're in NYC right now. I wish I could have come down to see you all!!!

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