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A boy with no name

Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails

That's what little boys are made of!  Along with a little sugar and spice and everything nice!  After 24 hours of labor, my sister delivered a 9-1/2 pound baby boy by C-section either just before or just after midnight last night!  My mom called me at around 1:30 and she wasn't sure, either, whether he was born on Saturday or Sunday.  And we don't know his name yet!

Yippee!!  My brother-in-law was right when he said that the babies in his family are big!  There was plenty of newborn stuff that my sister received as gifts that she's left unopened.  I'll share more when I know more!



Congratulations on the newest member of your family!!! Best wishes and good health to all!


Yay! COngrats!


Congratulations, Aunt Vicki! He is a big one, isn't he? Can't wait to see pictures. Now you can start knitting little boy things, right?


Yipeeeee!! Congrats!!!

Lynne S of Oz

Congrats to you lil sister! Good size baby - almost as big as I was!


Big congrats to your whole family!


Woohoo...... Congratulations Auntie!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the baby.


Congratulations all around to the "dashing" young man and his family.


YIPPEE! Now we have matching nephews!!! What should we knit for them first?

Mazel Tov to the whole family. Can't wait to hear the name. Hope your sister's feeling good.


Blessings and congrats, Aunt Vicki! I know this baby will be well endowed with beautiful knitted items...lucky, lucky boy!

Wish your sister a quick recovery. With my 1st c/sec I was out of the hospital in 3 days...with Nick, 2.5. Looking back, I wish the insurance company had allowed more...a week, at least!


Mary in Boston

Congratulations!!! That's such wonderful news!!!

What will you make for him first I wonder?


My ds was 9lb 15oz. He fit in NO newborn stuff. I wish I hadn't opened everything to pre-wash it. LOL


Congratulations Auntie! Now you can start knitting lots of BLUE booties! I hope that mama and baby are well, happy, and getting some rest!


Congratulations and get knitting Auntie. My first was 9.1/2 lbs and the next was 11lbs. They went straight into 3 month clothes, lovely, cuddly gorgeous boys!


Yay for you and your family!! how about one of those Daniel Boone hats? Annie Modesitt offers a pattern and so does Knitty....


Congratulations Aunt Vicki, start knitting those blue things.


Congratulations, Auntie Vicki!

Bookish Wendy

How exciting!!!!!

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