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Hey buddy, can you spare a button?

Musical know-how

Some people just don't belong on the radio, like the guy Kt and I heard the other day who was giving away tickets to see The Deaf Leopards.  He wasn't smirking or anything, either (I could tell, even over the radio); he was dead serious.

For others, the radio is just not good 'nuff, nor even TV.  It is most likely that you've seen this already and I'm not going to apologize if you have -- it's worth looking at again, in my opinion.  I can't get enough; I want to SEE it and touch it.  I can't look at it without every song on the album clamoring for airtime in my brain at the same time.  Sargeant Pepper -- Anna's most excellent composition.  She is just terrific.  Lap it up, lady, you deserve every word; I know I'm not alone in wishing there were more words to choose from!

That's all.  I'm knitting my red Tivoli.  Norma will be knitting red.  Wendy's knitting Red SoxCassie's knitting red Birch.  Who else is knitting red?  Leave me a comment -- I feel a webring or a button or a contest comin' on.  Norma's already tapped me the words:  Knit red or DIE!  (Can't you just hear her???)



I may have something red for you - I should know in a couple of hours! Intriguing I know....


Three months, huh? YOU ROCK!!!!!!!


I have Twizzlers. I should knit with them rather than eat them.


Heh-heh-heh-heh! Must.have.button!


OK! That decides what I'm doing next. Red is my favorite. I have the yarn and the pattern for Nothin' but a T. Now I just have to get gauge. Casting on tonight.


*digging through stash* OMG! I have no red! Red alert, Red alert! Get me to the nearest LYS. ;)


I recently knit something blue. It was physically painful. I'm still trying to soothe my soul with extra red.


I'm already knitting red: the Birch shawl! Hallelujah: a knit-a-long that I might actually have a prayer of keeping up with, instead of finishing 4 years later than everybody else!


I've been planning to knit some baby Red Sox for the baby of a Red Sox fan co-worker friend. But I fear that by the time I get some time to sit and do it, the little guy will be in little league. And you'll have all moved on to knitting blue. :)

Bookish Wendy

Hey! I never even thought about the knit red button!! I guess I qualify, huh?!


Well, there is the Knit Red KAL which is a Yahoo group, but those of us who only (well, predominantely) knit in red need a ring! Definitely! Let me know if you start/hear about one!

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