"You look like a crack whore..."


I had to miss Jazzercise on Monday night because I was personifying my favorite bumper sticker on Kt's car, "Speak Your Mind Even If Your Voice Shakes."  I addressed the city council with objection for a project proposal that would put the parking lot for said project adjacent to my property.  Not happy.  It's a great project, but the location sucks.  I was really torn about whether to exercise or go to this meeting and when I discovered that I'd forgotten my tennis shoes, the decision was made -- and I'm so glad I went.  In the end, the matter was tabled (of course), but I think we "won" and a more suitable site will eventually be found.

So, I'll go to Jazzercise tonight.  I've been so excited to go because, after three weeks or so, on Saturday, my brain finally made contact with my butt!  When my brain sent the "squeeze" signal, there was squeezing!!  When they say, "use it or lose it," I think it's true.  I miss it when I don't go.  I really do need the stretch and the movement.  I have to watch how I move, be careful of my right knee, but I can feel I'm getting stronger already, and more flexible, and moving with some measure of control and coordination.

My sister is three days overdue and counting.  I'm working ever-so-slowly on the bunny booties.  These summer evenings just whiz right by -- before I know it, it's after 9:00 every single night and I still haven't had a sit-down and then, when I do sit down, I'm overcome with exhaustion.  I'm bored with generic baby stuff.  What I really want is a kicking, screaming baby GIRL (I hope) or BOY (that'd be fine) to knit for -- hurry up and come out to play, baby!!  We want to meet you.  Speaking of babies...

Elizabeth has a new favorite thing...  her new grandson (there's more in previous posts)!  I think it's so nice how she writes about her son-in-law and how fabulous he is.  It made me think of DH and what it was like when we brought our first-born home.  I was off of work for about six weeks, but he wasn't. Looking back, I think I had a little run-in with post-partum depression during that time; not very severe, but I do recall some very off days.  I brought the little peanut to work with me for the next six weeks, 'til I realized how difficult and extremely stressful it was to be both employee and mother at the very same time.  It was awful.  I was fortunate enough to find a day care provider very close to work.  She was a wonderful lady!  Since Kt did not take to pacifiers or bottles (no matter the contents), I would run over to nurse her; it couldn't have been better.  At the time, my "weekend" was Sunday and Monday, which meant that I worked every Saturday.  It was daddy's day with the baby!  It took some getting used to on DH's part, believe me, but it turned out to be one of those situations we are now thankful for.  He would bring her in for nursing, but was on his own the rest of the day to figure it all out on his own.  And he did!

Still working on travel arrangements.  Had a few minutes of panic in the early morning hours -- a big jumble of weird thoughts about The Big City and stuff because, really, I'm such a home-body.  This isn't stepping out of the zone, this is jumping off a cliff!  I'll be fine, I'll blend right in, my knitting is good, and people won't laugh and point at me.  This is nothing like what Stephanie has been through in the past two months on her book tour -- a complete and total blast on the one hand, but so Twilight Zone on the other.  Welcome home!



the only chance of laughing and pointing would be if you wore your chicken hat (and maybe not even then) - it's much too warm for wool hats, so you're safe!!

ps. how about my FA in PA - is she a wild thing or what?? who knew she was such a floozy?


I always get crazy before I go anywhere. Seriously. Georgie will say - let's go here and I get excited and then three seconds later I panic. I promise you - no one will laugh at you. It's NY! Everybody's crazy!

And I can tell you, you WILL have your own pillow concierge.... ;-) (G's still hammering out the details - I will call later.)


Keep moving, that's the trick.I'm loving my workout's, too. It's good to know when you are needed more elsewhere, however.
I have NY envy;-)


I am so glad you exercised your right to speak out. Proud that you got results, too. How would they know about it if you don't speak out, eh?

You will have so much fun in NYC. Just dont' try to do too much and take plenty of breaks from touristic endeavours. Really, like Rome, NY is just so fun to walk around and gawk at. And the subway is cheap and clean (a week-long Metrocard is $21). And there is so much good theater. And the museums are so incredible. And shopping...and food...and....and...and. You. Will. Have. So. Much. Fun.


I have a touch of I can relate. But I bet you will have a fabulous time!


Vicki, you have finally gotten through to me. Health issues (a severe fibroflare that's lasted almost 2 months) has kept me away from Curves and although I haven't gained weight I've gone up into my 'fat' jeans from lack of muscle.

So I'm off in the morning. Thanks for the gentle push! (And you didn't even know you were doing it!)

In other news, dh is on level 3 of the patch, quit three weeks ago after 26 years. I am so happy. He's managed to keep it going in spite of severe work-related stress.

So thanks and congrats to's a quittin', movin' and shakin' world out there and you're in the middle of it!



Wow! I can't believe how fast time flew with regards to your sisters pregnancy ....ooohhh a baby to cuddle very soon.


Good for you speaking up for yourself!
The mind/butt connection is not to be ignored (-:


Look at you! Quttin' smokin and jazzercizin'!! You go girl!!

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