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It was a banner day

While waiting for the clock to roll 'round to 11:00 last night -- the appointed time to pick up Mdd from her all-day, end-of-year class trip to Six Flags Great America -- I downloaded and resized the pics I took yesterday.  I had some time, so I played around.  Amateur photogs in this house just love to take multiple photographs that can be cobbled together in panoramic fashion, and that includes me!  I figured out how to cobble 'em into a collage on the computer and it was kind of a lightbulb moment when I realized that a banner could be made in similar fashion. I've had this blog for over a year and have kind of wanted a banner for most of that time -- and I did it!  If you're bloglining (uh-oh, am I gonna get hollered at for making that a verb?), click on over for a peek.  It's kind of a collage, too; I have loved making collages since grade school, so no big surprise!


Dsc04702My intention was to take the garden update shot from a particular point of view, but I got carried away.  And then DH brought out "my boy," Pan.  And the flowers were so pretty.

Dsc04701Dsc04699The columbine are all wild and they put on quite a show each year.  The frilly pink blossom is dianthus.  They're both amazing, aren't they.  I made a quick stop at the nursery yesterday and bought a few things for the planter box on my shady front porch, and couldn't help but bring home some other stuff, too!  I didn't get too carried away, and mostly it was because they also were amazing -- the way the leaf unfurls on one of the perennials is just fascinating.

Dsc04696aKt was painting in the garden yesterday, with some thrift store jeans as her canvas.  We did a little thrift shopping with the errands yesterday -- one of which was to deliver the job application (which she actually forgot to bring) to Ben Franklin while on a quest for iron-on letters.  FYI:  Hobby Lobby has the largest selection of iron-on letters, by far, of any craft store we visited!  And they managed to sell me some Lion Brand Kool Wool -- three skeins each of black, red, and purple -- on clearance at $2 each, and which I thought might make a nice wintery baby thing.  I needed that like a hole in the head.

No Jazzercise yesterday, but I'm still feeling the muscles used during weed-pulling last weekend, and DH and I went for a long walk with the pup last night.

It's graduation tonight.  Woot!



Lovely, lovely gardens, Vicki! I can almost smell them from here!

General Ginger

I love your garden! Its like a breath of fresh air.


Love, love love the new banner Vicki! Gorgeous! And you're going to have to show us what the jeans look like when Katie is done!


your new banner is very impressive! I recognize almost all of the images in there and their link to you --- except for the giraffes (or are they leopards?) ..... did I miss a safari somewhere along the line?


At first I thought, "Oh no, someone else is a Knitorious!" It's a very, very cool new banner!


They're really fun things to play around with aren't they, just like buying a new outfit!


Love the new banner. So clever!


Oh I love the new collage banner! Lovely!


Love it! I've been wanting to change my template for awhile now - this is just the inspiration I need!

Happy Graduation! Congratulations to all!

Lynne S of Oz

First thing that loaded was the new banner, plus the colours have all changed! You've had fun! Cool nanas!
Congrats to Alison too.
Your garden is starting to get a move on now by the looks of it - ain't they grand :-)
PS I made a scarf like ?Katie did in about ?january? and put it into a scarf festival. Thanks for the inspiration!

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