It was a banner day

Do they work with support hose?

Something new!  Perhaps y'all have seen or heard tell of this before, but it's brand spankin' new to me -- and the debut is today.


The Garter Belt

Check it out and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter.

One of these days I'll get my life back and then you'll probably end up wishin' I had more to do (or did more of what I'm supposed to do, or something like that)...



thanks for the link! i hadn't come across it yet. it's nice to see more independent ventures like this. i love that our craft supports it so well.


Thanks for posting about this. It's always fun to read something new!


thanks for sharing and glad mr kitty is back


Thanks for the link, we can never have too many online knitting patterns!! Yea!!!


Interesting way that they deliver their patterns. I look forward to seeing what else they design.

Mary Beth

Busy here too, no time for blogging, or even much knitting...We'll catch up later...

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