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29 June 2005

Can't you see I'm busy?


Nana9Woohoo, look who rolled into town last night!!  M*c has definitely grown in the past week -- his arms, legs and cheeks are much fuller.  Oh, I love being an auntie!

DH and I are off to Home Depot this morning -- finally -- to purchase the new tub and tile.  That project needs to get going.  After that, I'm going to smooch cheeks some more -- that's my main job today!


Nice job if you can get it;)

Ooooooo too cute! And they smell sooooo good at that age! (Very unlike my two teenage stepsons now...phew!)

I'm LOVING HIM! Great photograph too! OOOO - only two more days until my babies are here! Yay for Auntie LOVE! (Look at those toes holding on to you!)

I'd be smooching too. Oh but I love a good cuddle with a baby.

so cute!

OH, he is everything a baby is supposed to be. I love the chubb!

Oh, he is soooo lovely.

Those cheeks are to die for.


That is one devastatingly handsome boy.

What a sweet baby! Just love him up!

I love the back of babies necks. You can just bury your nose in there and wallow in all that softness!

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