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A boy with no name

Some of my family is having a hard time with this.  I think my sis and her husband were a little more sure of the grrs' names they were considering, but not so sold on the boys'.  Though there are changing conventions as far as surnames and marriage go, chances are that Baby Boy will have his name, unchanged, forever and ever.  This particular Baby Boy has a one-syllable surname that requires some thought as to which name(s) is best suited as a lifelong partner.  So, last I heard, BIL was going to bring the baby name books back to the hospital, they were going to consider the favored names while considering their baby, and see if they could find a match.  (He's got dark hair and olive skin, by the way, just like his dad.)

We had a harder time with grrs' names and, of course, we had three grrs!

Thank you for all your kind baby wishes and sweetness.  I think I'll go visit next weekend -- my sis will be out of the hospital by then, for sure, and I ought to have a finished pair of bunny baby booties. I also have an orange sherbet version of Kate's bunny to finish up, too!  (Kate needs to make room for a baby of her own and is looking for suggestions...)

My mom and stepdad went last night -- on their way to Colorado to help his daughter with her new house and with his two granddaughters in tow (they didn't want to leave before the baby was born!) -- and she took Mr. Dashwood.  My sister is already talking about having another baby (!), so there is hope for the lovely Miss.

I did a lot, lot, lot of work on the computer for DH this weekend, so seems like I didn't get much else done, but I did!  I went to Jazzercise on Saturday morning, did a lot of laundry, grocery shopping, and actually made dinner two nights in a row -- but all that computer time is like sitting in a black hole.  One of the things on my list was to take Cara's MDS&W gift (that has nothing to do with sheep or wool) to the antique mall to see if I could find a frame.  Oh, almost but not quite!  I did manage to find a frame that's WAY too big and the wrong color and already has something in it, though, and now I need a nail...



My little sister just about came home without a name. No biggie - the baby will have a long, long life to be called by a given name - baby should suffice for now!

Hope you get to see him soon! Glad to hear your sister's is doing so well she's already thinking of another one....


Computer time is a black hole. Congrats on sis's baby! How do I miss these posts? Soon we get to see pictures of the Little man, right?




it took us almost a week to settle on a name for DS!!

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