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26 May 2005

Lots of clapping (no knitting)

Ai won a $1,000 scholarship from a local organization.  She wasn't expecting it and is very surprised and happy.  I'm pleased as punch and very proud!

My only knitting was at lunch-time yesterday -- an orange sherbet bunny ear.


I have been reading your posts about quitting smoking and have been inspired to quit also. Last night at 9:15 I had what (I hope) is my last cigarette. I am going truly Cold Turkey - no patch or other aids. Thank You for sharing your journey.

Yay Ali!
Not a lot of knitting going on here this week either. All the end of the school year activities can be crazy!

YAY ALI! Way to go girl! That's fantastic!

Congratulations to you and your daughter!!! What a wonderful surprise...
This is my daughter's last week of classes...the all the fun begins, with prom and graduation the second week of June...

Not much time for knitting here either...family coming, must clean!

Congrats to Ali! :) That is great news!

Congrats to Ali! Every little bit helps. Woohooo!!

Congratulations Ali! what a nice surprise.

Yea Ali!! Don't you love out-of-the-blue surprises like that! Congrats-Congrats!!

Well done Ali!

That Ali is a very cool grrl. You deserve to be very proud.


Congratulations to Ali!!

Maybe you should "fry out" to celebrate :)


what a fantastic surprise!! congrats to Ali!

Congratulations to you and Ali! You for surviving those college entrance process and Ali for her scholarship!!

Yay Ali!!! Congrats!

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