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Db1Forget the abomination that was posing as a baby bootie the other day, okay?  Here's the real McCoy.  I felt the shame after seeing Amy Lu's finished booties the other day.  What was I thinking?

So on Saturday, Kt & I drove up to Green Bay to check out Monterey Yarn.  The shop has been open for a year, but I only heard about it at the Spring Midwest Masters.  I bought some Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and made the picot-edge booties from Debbie Bliss Quick Baby Knits, one of the books I recently bought from Leigh (check out the yarn she has for sale now).  I knit one on Saturday, the other on Sunday.

Db2Here's a close-up of the picots; they're adorable.  There were two confusing things about this pattern -- changing back and forth between US2 and US3 needles a couple of times (I had to reknit one of the tops because I discovered that I was using one of each, the directions unclear) and the exact procedure for picking up stitches/casting off (I made it work).  In the end, I am very pleased with them.  Kt has already informed me that I'll be making them for her someday baby.  There's plenty more I'd like to make from that book, too.

I should have been finishing Goldie's collar!  That'll see some action tonight.

I had a house full of 8th grade grrs on Friday/Saturday for Mdd's birthday party.  I've decided that I like Ai's boy/girl parties of the past few years -- the presence of boys holds the screechy, shrill, giggly goofiness of the grrs in check.  Wow, are they loud (and screechy and shrill)!  The grrs had a good time, but I had to send them out a few times -- DH supervised at the fire pit on Friday night, and I sent them to the bakery for donuts on Saturday morning!

Mdd is officially 14 today.  I made a Cream Cheese Poundcake on Saturday afternoon for our family celebration.  I should maybe have learned something from Ann's fabulous cheesecake success; or it was just not my day in the kitchen.  What would you think if you heard "Oh crap" and the mixer going and the same time?  Being ever so clever, I thought I'd break the six eggs right into the bowl while it was mixing.  One of 'em slipped.  A little crunch, some added calcium...  The next clue that it was not my day was when I was pouring flour into the jar and the bag slipped.  It was like something from "I Love Lucy" -- a big, white, dusty cloud!  I did the required baking gymnastics with the timer and slowly increasing temperature, and then the cake broke into about three chunks when I was getting it out of the pan.  DH did his best to piece it together on the plate.  Luckily, the eggshell wasn't pulverized and it was pretty easily to pick shells out of the cake -- and it was delicious.  I have not had the greatest success at baking from scratch, but I don't stop tryin'.


Don't forget about my Peep Poll (left sidebar) -- you have 'til tomorrow night to cast your vote.  Thanks to Stacie for her poll help and recommendations!  I'm having a blast with all your comments, too!



Adorable booties...I may have to take a closer look at that book. I need quick knit baby gifts! And good for you making a HOMEMADE cheescake!!


Ugh. Me and the kitchen. I'm right there with you. Actually I don't mind baking/cooking - it's the prep and the clean-up I can't take! ;-)

Those rectangle specs are looking better and better! :-)


My vote (included in the poll) is for the rectangles!

Those booties are sooo adorable. A friend of mine is due with a September baby so I know I'll be on the bootie knitting bandwagon soon!


Thank you for the recipe. It's so nice to be able to see all these different things. It sounds extremely naughty but delicious! Happy birthday to Maddy!


I just voted in the poll for the rectangular frames. I have to tell you that I just got new frames too, and after having ovals for about 97 years, I selected rectangular ones, and I LOVE them on me. Now yes, let's discuss haircolor, 'cause I'm agonizing over this one.


You are very welcome! :)

General Ginger

Cute booties. Thanks for sharing your Lucy moment with us!


Hurray for booties! I voted for the small ovals--so lovely! Just wanted to give a congratulatory shout out to you for your perservance in the Cold Turkey Along...well done!

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