Thursday is the new Friday!

Wonders never cease

The dumb sleeves for the stupid sweater are finished!  Good grief, I can't believe the trouble I had with those things, how many times I re-knit the cap, and how long they've taken!  I am very happy, however, to have employed two new techniques learned just last weekend.  The shawl collar is all that's left to knit and I'll be starting on that tonight.

I thought I might start some booties or not-booties last night, but didn't quite have time.  My Kool-aid yarn is too big for not-booties, so I'll have to hunt down another pattern for that yarn, but think I have something in stash I can use for them.  I can't decide which I want to use more/first, the pattern or the yarn!

Snowdrops2Snowdrops3These are snowdrops in the ravine for Heather.  (Go look; she has a beautiful Rogue fresh off the needles!)  The flowers showed up better than I thought -- the whole ravine is like this.  They'll be gone in a few short days.  Most of them are white, but there's a blue one here and there.  We had a thunderstorm roll through last night, got lots of much needed rain, and it cooled down quite a bit.

Bloodroot3I just have to show you the difference in the main bloodroot patch after only two days, too.  My sister wrote this morning about her tulips and daffodils, columbine and bleeding heart:  "Aren't we just delirious?"  We are!!  (It's not just me.)

Kt called yesterday to share some news that she just couldn't hold in!  She'd taken her math placement test and tested out -- she doesn't have to take a single math class next year, and that makes her very happy.

And my youngest sister called.  She has about 6-7 weeks left in her pregnancy and is starting to reach for the Tums on a daily basis; a little trouble sleeping, ankles swelling now and then, but otherwise fine.  She has also hired a doula and that's making her feel a little more relaxed and reassured.

Continue reading about why I think this is a great idea (baby/childbirth talk), or "Is This What I Should Be When I Grow Up?"

When Kt was born (20 years ago Friday), we were living in an efficiency suite at a motel on the Oregon coast.  We'd sold one house and had bought another, but were in between when she decided to make her appearance and the motel was "home" for her first week.

I had planned to nurse Kt all along, had attended childbirth classes and had done reading of all sorts, but nothing really prepared me for what it was like getting started.  I still get tears in my eyes when I recall what it was like when my milk came in, how my breasts felt like they were made of glass -- the finest, thinnest glass  -- glass that would shatter if you looked at it!  It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced (I remember the pain of that a helluva lot more than that of three labors!).  Who would you turn to for advice at such a time?  Mom!  We didn't have a phone in our motel room, so I walked carefully with my glass boobs to a phone booth.  My mother had always said that she'd nursed me and that I was the only one of five that she had nursed -- surely she'd remember this and could tell me what to do!

Nope.  That's when I learned that having five kids in six years pretty much makes for many years that are just a blur -- just doing what needs to be done everyday and not stopping to think about it!  I ended up calling a nurse at the hospital and she was very, very helpful.

My mother came to visit several weeks later.  Man, I needed her and I didn't even know it.  I'd met them at the airport, Kt nestled in my front carrier.  Mom couldn't wait to get hold of her and when she did, I went into immediate shock -- mouth agape, eyes popping.  Mom grabbed that kid and (it seemed like she) just whipped her over an arm; Kt was looking out at the world, bouncing softly against mom's hip -- not crying, certainly not breaking (not nearly as fragile as I thought).  Anyway, after five minutes of watching Mom with Kt, I was more at ease than I'd been in weeks!

I'm really happy that my sister will have that kind of support and help right off the bat.  I wish I lived just a wee bit closer to her.  I have thought about working in this field at various times over the years (not even knowing there was a name for it) and was reminded of it again last night.  I was so excited, talking with my sister, sharing my experience, delighting in her decision -- wishing I could be there.  I wonder if this is not something I'm supposed to pursue.  I wonder, Lauren, if this is what I'm supposed to be when I grow up!



Hi Vicki *waves*! Thanks for commenting on my site =c). I think that if you feel strongly about something and feel that in doing it you could make some small difference to the world or to the people in it then you should do it. That is exactly what I plan to do. So yeah I think that you would make a very good doula if that is what you feel you must do.


Vicki! Love those snowdrops...just this morning I got my first tulip bloom. I promised pixie we'd give the first 3 blooms to her teacher. So we did...she was so excited...I just love seeing their bright cheery blooms in the morning. so pretty! thanks for making my morning.

Oooh are you going to make those baby socks for your sisters baby? I am going to be casting on tonight for my c0-worker's pair with matching hat! so adorable.


My mother used to have La Leche meetings in our living room when I was thirteen (one sister is 12 yrs younger than me). She was a tremendous help to my sister who nursed her son for two years, nursed her daughter for (about) two years and is nursing her new son now.

The thing about breast feeding is that everyone thinks it's this beautiful, natural thing that just happens - WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE! Baby and mom have a lot to learn in the first few days and it's so easy for all to get frustrated.

For instance, my sister's kids pretty much sleep for the first 48-72 hours. Put them to the breast, they suck twice and fall asleep. With my first nephew, my sister panicked. He's not eating. What do we do? With the next two she knew better. They wake up in a couple of days and then they're no stopping.

I helped my sister (briefly) through her labor and felt all doula like. It was very nice for all of us. I think you'd make a great doula - what a wonderful way to spend your life - helping women bring babies into the world! I'm beginning to think though that post-partum doulas may be even more important than labor doulas.

Glad your sister has the support she needs. I wish everyone the best of luck!


Vicki, I love this entry --- got me a bit teary truth be told! you would make a fantastic doula - you're already so supportive with plenty of 'life' experience!

ps. and yay for Katie - nothing like the sweet no-math relief (not that I ever tested out of a math class and ever experienced that feeling - mine was more the stomach clenching terror of yet another math class)


I am jealous of anyone who finds a path that both she adores and enriches people's lives. You could talk to Stephanie about the career options there.
And um, I'm hoping I forget the glass image by the time I'm pregnant.


Hi Vicki, I think my daughter, Alicia, and your sister are about on the same schedule. Alicia may be a couple of weeks ahead as she has about 4 weeks to go and the doctor said she may go early. What an exciting time for us all. Alicia can well relate with the swelling ankles and "Tums"--should have invested in that stock :) This was an interesting post today, as I've never heard of a "doula" I'll pass this information on to Alicia. I think you would make a wonderful "doula".


I love the snowdrops... they are so sweet! I want some!
I'm going to have to look them up online. :)


I think that you would make a great doula. This I can say after reading your thoughtful, fair, calm and easy entries for the past year. It's never too late to start anything - that's for darn sure!

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